Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow has come and gone

 Winter finally started here and we made it out for a few days of sledding and to the Holiday Train.
 Peter and Emelia LOVED sledding and he even went down the hill on his own a few times! 

 Pete went on the train ride at the Holiday Train for the first time!

 Here is little Emi, the elf- you can't see her shirt very well but it is an elf costume. It came with a hat that said "elf in training." I decorated their house with lights and the kids just love playing in there at night  and reading book!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Part 3

 We also went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. We've been there a bunch, but the kids always like to see the flowers and fish inside and run around.

 And outside we saw the Giraffe's tongue, ROARED at some bears, searched and searched for Como the Monkey (His cousin Jackson has a monkey that he named Como) and best of all PETER WAS NOT SCARED OF THE MONKEYS! He has been between scared and nervous everytime we have been there and has even screamed and ran away from the Gorillas. He told me that he did like the little ones the best, but he watched every single one of them play and even told me that he was a monkey! I couldn't agree more!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Part 2

 We went to the Children's Museum next, They have a great new exhibit that is all different story books- Peter was especially excited about the Snowy Day (he loves that book- I think mostly becuase the main character's name is also Peter) and the best part was when you walked on the foot steps lights lit up and it made the crunch sound- just like in the booK!!
 He got he picture with his buddy: Peter!! He was so excited!
 Emi spent a long time pulling the cards off of the shelf and putting them into the basket
 Pete drove a bus

 And Emelia devilered the mail!
 Pete learned about teamwork and mechanical advantage
 And Raced some boats.

While Garrick and Peter were exploring the ant hill, Em and I snuck off to the baby room, went down some slides, played with HUGE sunflowers and looked out some BIG windows!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Trip to the Cities Part 1

Last weekend was LEFSE weekend at Grandma Linka's house so that means Friday night ricing potatoes and Saturday night lots of work {and fun!} to be done! On Saturday day Linka has to turn all of the potatoes into lefse balls which means there is no room for 20 little fingers which in turn means that we got out and explored the cities. The only disappointing part was that Grandma and Grandpa didn't get to come with us!
We started at Bandana Square and watched a lot of trains travel through the twin cities.
This area was Pete's favorite- it had lots of tunnels, snow (it was made to look like where Grumpy Old Men was made) and the train stopped and the kids got to push a button on the railing to make it go, to make lights work and the gates go up and down at the railway stop.
Downtown was also depicted complete with a trolley car:
As well as the river:

There were all different sorts of trains running around, passenger trains, steam and diesel trains, some fast and some slow. They also had train tables set up in front that Pete spent a good amount of time playing on as well. All in all a fun first part of our little vacation!