Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adventures in Arizona!

Before Christmas I went to Arizona to visit Kimberly and as usual we had a really busy weekend! The first part of the weekend was spent helping Kim get everything set for a Maggie's Place Christmas- fulfulling the wishlists of over 300 moms and kids who have been a part of their family.

The second part of the weekend (sunday) we went to church (where Kim's 3 year old friend Rhonda asked me if baby Jesus was in my tummy) and went on a few different hikes. As usual it was beautiful weather and it was so fun to see Kimberly since we don't get to get together real often.

Kim wanted me to title this one: Kermit hiking in AZ

We saw a ReAllY huge spider!! Eek!

We met a really nice couple from Canada who took a bunch of pictures of us...

And we took some self portraits!

Merry Christmas!

Here is Jackson, Matt and Lara's baby, laughing hysterically at us ripping wrapping paper, it lasted a lot longer than the 10 seconds. Really Really cute!!

Also, here are a few pictures of him in his rickshaw (aka baby bike trailer) and of all of us with Kristen and Kendall when they stopped over to visit. Otherwise the rest of the day was pretty low key, we went cross country skiing and snowshoeing with the dogs...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

week 28

We took this shot of me when we got home from skiing this afternoon. Kermit is definetly growing, but at his own pace. I'm not complaining though, it is really nice to be able to ski, run and swim still!

My kids at school poke at it all of the time and say funny things- today they told me that I should breakdance on my stomach when it gets big and spin around like a turtle shell... I just laugh. They are all guessing boy and girl etc... we are going to have a pool and have them all put in their guesses to win some sort of prize.

Also, we are almost ready to convert the extra bedroom into a baby room- we just hung up the shades that I made for the windows and they work really well! The room is so dark now- once we get spare room of doom finished we can move everything around and set up for Kermit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

work work work

We have been working hard on our dining room now that our kitchen is so beautiful. We added french doors that go to our backyard and a new ceiling becuase the old one was so cracked. We are almost ready for a coat of paint (first we just have to pick a color for the room.)

Scout got a new toy that he really really had fun with for about one day... ( I tried to upload a video of him playing with it, but I think that I didn't give it enough time! I'll try again with a different video at some point.) This is what happened after the first day of fun with it!

Finally, this weekend we went to LaCrosse to see the Christmas lights like we always do. It was real cold this year and we weren't dressed for it... so we just walked through real fast and took a few fast pictures...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lots of SNOW!

We got our first big snow of the year this week and Garrick has been skiing every day for the last 4 days. Scout and I had a snow day today so we went to Holzinger's trails for the 2nd day in a row.

The pictures are from Monday night when Garrick and I took him out in the snow. One of the main problems we have is that by the time Garrick gets home from work we have less than an hour before it gets real dark. As you can tell, we finished in the dark.

We also put our Christmas tree up- we did the same as last year, all of our marathon and triathlons medals are on the tree with the ones that Garrick had made me in the past and whatever we have come up with in the last few years.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to start a blog

We are at week 26+ so about 2/3 of the way to having Kermit at home!! Not too much has changed in the past few months, we are still working on our house and are also trying to keep running and biking as much as possible as well as having fun with Scout, our first child :)

Here's where we are at so far:

This summer with Kim at Urban Assault Bike Race in Madison- We did this race with Garrick and Matt, it was really fun to ride through Madison and complete the obstacles along the way.


Garrick and I at the Aldo Leopold Half Marathon this fall... He ran the 1/2 marathon, I just did the 4 mile race. Garrick said that it was the hardest race that he had ever done with 3+ bluff climbs but it was a really fun day at one of our favorite places-- Devil's Lake.

26 weeks preggo- Kermit is growing and growing, for the past week I have been able to SEE him kick in addition to feeling them. It is reallly fun for both of us to see this.