Thursday, December 30, 2010

A trip to the Cities

 We also went to the city to see Garrick's family for Christmas. Meet Nicky- he is 2 months older than Emi- and such a sweet baby, he just smiles and smiles and hangs out.
 Garrick and Erika with the clan behind them!

 We went to the MN Children's Museum- favorite parts:
The water tables
And driving the city bus- I think that we could have been there for an hour- maybe this is a future career choice for Peter?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Night at the Rotary Lights

 If you all remember last year, it was NOT a success. It was cold, Pete was little and Santa was really scary! This year we spent time being transfixed by the trains and dragons. Much BEtter!
 This year was different though- Pete was old enough to walk around through most of it- tell us what he was seeing- Choo-choo train, car, boat! And we knew enough to not wait in line for Santa this year- it was close to 80 people long! We waited to go until it was one of those 30* nights so we were able to last a long time- except Emi who just wanted a paci that I forgot! So it was a little crowded but it was much more enjoyable than in the past!
 Also, they switched over to nearly all LED lights- I have no idea what the cost is to run the lights and what they are saving and how long it will take to break even, but it was SO bright there that the camera wasn't even trying to use the flash.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In a 2 dog open sleigh

 When my parents came to visit, we had a lot of fun- more about that later but we also took the two dogs out on Lake Winona skijouring- they are doing a pretty good job especially when we get both of the dogs going together!
Sometimes when we look around Winona i tis hard to believe that it is in MN- I feel like we are out in the mountains- so beautiful!We also got the great idea of hooking BOTH dogs up to Garrick and seeing what happened... take a look!

Our little Winona Christmas

   Almost caught a smile!

 Garrick and I have decided to try and make it a priority to be home on Christmas morning with our kids- we love our families a LOT and they are more than welcome to come to our house for the festivities but we just want to let them have Santa come and to go out and do something simple like skiing, hiking or sledding as a family. Which is just what we did! Peter got a new dump truck that he can take apart- with a little help, an alphabet apple and a bus. Emi got Sophie the Giraffe. We also got as a family a bag of new books that we have been picking one or two out of all week and reading together- we are going to try and continue that tradition because we all like it a lot! The book that is one of the favs is Who's There? which is really fun becuase you get to use a flashlight- and all kids like flashlights- to shine images on the walls as you read the story. We may have to get a new one each year!

 Out hiking in the deep snow at Holzingers- we should have used our snowshoes!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

 2 months old! She has started to sleep through the night- usually about every other night without waking up and then the others just needs to be held for a minute- but she doesn't eat at night anymore! She is getting better at holding her head up, is smiling more and more and is still a little snuggler.

 This is what our Christmas with my parents looked like- we were all sick- Pete the most of all and we didn't even get to see Matt's family since we were all so sick! Lots of sleeping by the fires, a little choo choo train and a few games of Risk.
 Emi loved strecting out on a blanket in front of the wood stove- I don't think that she's ever been that warm in her life!
 We were supposed to be the Holy Family at church again this year, but instead it was just me and Emi and then a stand in Joseph- Garrick was home sick with a sick kid. As usual they did a great job and I can't wait to see Pete up there next year dressed like a dog or a mouse! It must have been amazing to be Mary and have all of these people visiting in the week after Jesus was born and realize the importance of the day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Epic Snowstorm!

 Holiday Train 2010!!!! Pete absolutely loved it- next year our goal is to make it there BEFORE the train gets there so we can see it pull up.

We didn't break any records- but I think that 22 inches of snow in a day is pretty incredible! It started to snow Friday night just a little, by the time I got up on Saturday morning we had 10 inches. Garrick went out and shoveled. It continued to snow all day. We played inside, we read books, Garrick got sent to get us a tree and to check in at Christmas play practice at church. He came home and set up the tree. Garrick went out and shoveled. We put the tree up and tried to play outside for a little while- it was too cold and windy and since it was still snowing... Pete didn't like it- we came back in and waited for Garrick to finish shoveling. We ate chili with Mike and Julie and came home and watched movies. We got up this morning- the snow had stopped, the sun was out and guess what... Garrick went out and shoveled. I feel bad about this- I LIKE to shovel and play in the snow and Garrick is real tired but someone has to watch the babies and someone has to shovel. If I were the shoveler- I'd still be out there. So... Garrick went out and shoveled.

 Right after Emi whitewashed Peter.

 Pete loves to hide in the tree.

 Our "tunnel"to the chickens.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I did a few craft sales this fall selling hats that I knit and soft soled shoes. A few people took my email address in case they wanted some at a later date... A lady asked me for a newborn girly set- Emu saw them and just had to try them on- I think they are pretty sweet and that she might need a set just like them!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emelia's Baptism

 Emelia was baptized this weekend at our church. We asked mike and julie to be her sponsors since they take care of our kids as much as we do it seems sometimes! I couldn't find a dress I liked for her, so I decided to knit one- I was really happy with how it turned out and am going to take the fancy buttons off and put some fun ones one so she can keep wearing it for the next few months as a dress and then a shirt.
 We had a great relaxing weekend with lots of friends and family. She is a lucky girl!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to work

Emi is now 6 weeks old- I was with some friends the other night and one said- so she's like 4 weeks now? I almost agreed and then said no- almost 5- wait- this is 6 weeks! Time is flying by- I don't know how my maternity leave went so fast, but it came and went and now I am "back" at work. I'm still at home, Peter is still going to college and Emi is with me for the day. I used to be able to get most of what I wanted to get done in the mornings and then after Pete went to bed at night, but now I feel like I am working all day to get the same amount done. I'm sure in a week or two I'll figure something out but it is still better than dropping her off at college too! I know that I wouldn't have been ready to do that!

 Our friend Shana had her baby and guess what? ANOTHER girl! Claire Leeann- She is about a month younger that Emelia and we went to have a playdate with her and her older sister, Julia, the other day. By the end, both babies were hungry and not very cooperative but we still got a picture of the two. Julia is just a little smaller than Emi is but still scruched up like a new baby. (I don't know why these pictures are turned so funny- I don't know how to fix that)
 We also went to see Santa at WSU- it was a great deal- no lines, free cookies and juice and a Santa that talked and talked to the kids- Pete loved shaking the jingle bells with Santa but when it came time to sit on his lap... a no go. There were no tears like last year though so we are thinking next year is going to be great. (I also want to point out that if you enlarge the picture above you can see how Emi is sleeping- I think that is exactly how she was inside too- I always felt jabs right where her hand would have been and was convinced that she was facing the wrong way and was always asking Suzanne if she was backwards and that I was feeling lots of "kicks" down low- it must have been her hands. She sleeps like this a LOT!)
 Emelia on the other hand didn't mind- she slept through the whole experience!

 Snuggling with her sheep in her crib.
With the bear at 6 weeks. Lots of people have been asking if the kids look alike- here is Pete with the bear at 6 weeks- I'll let you leave a comment to let me know what you think- Emi is obviously in the pink and Petey in the yellow.
(Mom- I thought that you would appreciate the fact that I gave you a picture instead of you having to flip back though the blog!)