Sunday, March 31, 2013


We went to church as a family and each of the kids were as good as could be. We are one of the only young families at the early service so any noises belong to our family! All of the people there always tell us they love hearing the kids and to not worry-- but we still want them to be good! We stopped and got treats at the grocery store afterwards and then played inside- it rained on and off and was cold and windy. While the kids napped, I hid eggs outside (after the SNOW stopped) and we went out for a little egg hunt. Both kids were SO GOOD at it this year. Peter was  a lot faster than Emelia, but he would find eggs and show her where they were or put a few extras in her basket.

 Our yard has about an inch of standing water in it- the kids wear their boots whenever they go out.

Here is Lainey in her Easter outfit that Robyn passed onto us. How many people have a newborn baby girl the week of Easter? She did last year and now us... She was so cute in it! 

Happy Easter!!
He is Risen!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's

 We took Lainey on her first big roadtrip to Buckhorn. While we were there we went to Pewitt's Nest for a quick hike- it was really cold and windy!

 And went to Grandpa Dan's school to play one afternoon. The kids played on his class's project bike and climbed on the climbing wall in the gym. Emi liked looking at the fish in his classroom and Pete just liked running all over!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Making It Work

Life with three has been an adjustment, but I think one of the main reasons is that we are getting a little stir-crazy inside. Take a look back at LAST March and you will see that we were in the backyard in shorts and barefeet... this year- we are deailing with two feet of snow in the backyard, ice and mushy mud.

So this is how we are making it work- marches down the block to the fountain park. The kids splashing in the mud and playing in the snow filled fountain. Lainey is a trooper and comes along for the ride. We are waiting for spring to come.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Few Belly Pictures that were taken.

I did an awful job this time around of taking pictures of myself and belly throughout this pregnancy. I had told myself at the start that I would do a GREAT job of it, which of course means that I didn't do it at all...

Here is what I have:
After the LaCrosse Octoberfest Half Marathon. September 29 about 15+ weeks. Time was a little over 2 hours I think and it was a great day to run, saw a number of old friends and it was fun to let them know- there was a baby on board!!

This was at the Monster Dash half marathon- the last race that I had paid for before getting pregnant- Last weekend of October- so about 20 weeks along. This was a lot harder than the first half and despite it being a much easier course my time was slower- 2:11 but it was still a really fun race and I would try to do it again for sure! I had to pee every single time I saw a portapotty and as soon as I took 3 steps away from said portapotty I had to pee again!! There also was a 10 mile race that was run at the same time and the finish line was at mile 10 of the marathon- there were buses available to take you to the finish line in fact. I was really tempted to stop, get on the bus and get a snack- I even thought about running back a 1/4 mile to "finish" while I was in the bathroom taking a quick pit stop! But I plugged on- now that I think about how many stops I made, my time doesn't look so bad!

 I must have either felt like the baby was popping oiut at this point- or maybe that I looked cute? Either way this was about 6 months-- first week of December.

 Mid January- still was going out running and was having a hard time with my jacket stretching over my belly. Had to wear a few layers and make sure one was long enough to tuck in!!


 This is the last race that I ran and one of the last pictures-beginning of February- this was after a 5K in Winona that I snuck out and ran real quick one morning. Garrick and the kids were all sick but getting out in the fresh air was just what I needed! At this point, my legs were falling asleep all of the time when I was running and I had to take a lot of walk breaks. 

Looking at all of these running pictures is making me antsy to get back out running! This weekend might be a good time to start up again SLOWLY.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a Sweet Face

We have had a quiet weekend here. My parents took Peter and Emi for the weekend and let us relax and bond with Lainey. We've taken some walks around the neighborhood and by the river, gotten extra sleep and I have spent a lot of time sitting and just watching her. She is showing us the sweetest personality, lots of big yawns and making little squeaks and squawks-- just like she should! We are so blessed to have this family.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The REST of that weekend!

That weekend was already scheduled to be a busy one as there was a train show in LaCrosse that Peter and my dad had a date to attend. We were all going to go, but instead mom and I stayed home and she helped me a lot around the house, cleaned, grocery shopped and took care of the baby and I slept and fed the baby. It was so quiet around here!!

We had some visitors as well! Everyone was so excited to meet little Lainey!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Miss Lainey J

She is here! Elena Jane was born with a vengeance Friday March 8 at 12:35.

Just like with Emi, I had been having a lot of contractions- some as long ago as Peter's birthday. I was actually half sure she was going to be born ON his birthday, but a hot shower and a long nap slowed things down and she stayed put. My water actually broke AT body pump at the Y. It wasn't a gush or a splash, just a strong "leak" that had me running to the bathroom and then thinking about if I should finish class or not. I decided to finish out and then the instructors were asking me as I left- when IS that baby going to be born??? I just smiled and shrugged.

I sent Garrick and my mom to work for a while and did some work myself and waited for contractions to start up. Garrick came home and we took a family walk to Mugby Junction for hot cocoa and coffee. As we walked the contractions got stronger and I was ready to head home to sit and rest for a little bit. .

Soon after we got home, my mom came and I was ready to head to the hospital. She couldn't believe that I was at that point already but I was pretty sure- they were spaced unevenly, but were pretty instense. When we got there, I got in the tub to try and relax for a little bit and then Suzanne came in to talk for a while and see how things were going. I told her that it was getting really hard already and she is so positive- "well! Maybe its time to have a baby!!" But when she checked, I was at only 8cm which meant... there would be a while yet. I stood up to walk a little or do something- who really knows what... and a whole line of contractions came along and pretty soon I was leaning on the couch in the room on my knees. The nurse had left the room for something to help me relax or some juice or something??  since I was over the edge and all of the sudden I told them- THE BABY IS COMING!! Sure enough- her head was crowning and I was still kneeling on the floor.  She started to toss sheets to Garrick and told me to stay put. There was one or two little pushes and there she was- the cord was wrapped around her neck two times but otherwise she was perfect. She got passed between my legs and I was helped back up into the bed and we took a look at her and said that she was in fact a little Lainey. She was born at 12:30ish and we got to the hospital at 11. We said that is how babies are born in cars. Garrick said that when the nurse came back her eyes were HUGE! She couldn't believe that there was a baby in here with us.

Lainey nursed right away and the nurses were awesome- she stayed with me for at least an hour before they did anything to clean her up or weigh her. We called my mom a while later and she was absolutely shocked and dumbfounded that the baby was already born. She told Peter that he had a sister and he told my mom "That was a BAD choice" (He wanted a brother). He since has come around and calls her Lainey Harvey and likes to hold her and share his toys with her. Emi on the other hand is such a little mommy. She marched right into the hospital room, sat down next to Garrick and said "I hold da babbby" with her arms outstretched! She likes to find Nuks for her and tell her "Yainey--- no cryin babby!"

We did head home again right away that night- The night nurse that checked us out at 7PM said a lot of ... um... I'm not sure- I don't do this often... you sure you don't want to stay?? It was so good to get home and rest and relax!!