Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Few Belly Pictures that were taken.

I did an awful job this time around of taking pictures of myself and belly throughout this pregnancy. I had told myself at the start that I would do a GREAT job of it, which of course means that I didn't do it at all...

Here is what I have:
After the LaCrosse Octoberfest Half Marathon. September 29 about 15+ weeks. Time was a little over 2 hours I think and it was a great day to run, saw a number of old friends and it was fun to let them know- there was a baby on board!!

This was at the Monster Dash half marathon- the last race that I had paid for before getting pregnant- Last weekend of October- so about 20 weeks along. This was a lot harder than the first half and despite it being a much easier course my time was slower- 2:11 but it was still a really fun race and I would try to do it again for sure! I had to pee every single time I saw a portapotty and as soon as I took 3 steps away from said portapotty I had to pee again!! There also was a 10 mile race that was run at the same time and the finish line was at mile 10 of the marathon- there were buses available to take you to the finish line in fact. I was really tempted to stop, get on the bus and get a snack- I even thought about running back a 1/4 mile to "finish" while I was in the bathroom taking a quick pit stop! But I plugged on- now that I think about how many stops I made, my time doesn't look so bad!

 I must have either felt like the baby was popping oiut at this point- or maybe that I looked cute? Either way this was about 6 months-- first week of December.

 Mid January- still was going out running and was having a hard time with my jacket stretching over my belly. Had to wear a few layers and make sure one was long enough to tuck in!!


 This is the last race that I ran and one of the last pictures-beginning of February- this was after a 5K in Winona that I snuck out and ran real quick one morning. Garrick and the kids were all sick but getting out in the fresh air was just what I needed! At this point, my legs were falling asleep all of the time when I was running and I had to take a lot of walk breaks. 

Looking at all of these running pictures is making me antsy to get back out running! This weekend might be a good time to start up again SLOWLY.


Barb said...

You're amazing.

Robyn said...

super cute pictures!