Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Pictures!

Monday: Happy to be home and snuggled in. 
Tuesday: Pete can officially open his door AND the gate at the top of the stairs

Thursday: Peter is obsessed with the book "Owl Moon" My parents have owls living across the street- They went 'owling' the other night to see if they could be seen. Pete has his hands cupped around his mouth calling the owls.

Friday: Play time at Oschner's Park for the morning in the sun- what a big girl sitting alone!
Saturday: Trying out fishing...

Little trip to Sedona

Back in February, I was stuck inside with 2 kids, a busy job and feet of snow outside- I got the itch and started to watch fares for warm destinations- as it turned out AZ had cheap tickets and as we all know one of my favorite people in the world lives there... off we went to Sedona. Life is good!

We camped and even though it was warm in the desert, it was cold up where we were camping- that meant double jammies for both kids and Emi got an extra bonus- when she would wake up in the middle of the night cold and crying she'd get to eat and then snuggle in with me in my sleeping bag!

 Pete was an awesome awesome hiker- Kim and I went on an 8 or 9 mile hike one day on our own- she took Emelia and I carried Petey for about 7 miles and I bet that he walked 2 of them himself!! He loved looking at the cacti, red rocks and most of all watched for helicopters overhead doing the ariel tours- he always told us the color and asked "mo?, Mo? ell-wow?" (more, more yellow?)
 Easter came and went also, Kim being the amazing god-mama that she is to Pete hosted an egg hunt for him at our campsite one afternoon that we just stayed, hungout and played games. He loved it and did the hunt 2 or 3 times I think!
 Family hike one day.
 Kim and I ditched Garrick and the kids and went out biking on our own one afternoon- we saw a lot of awesome rocks, a church built into the side of the mountain and hit some sweet jumps... maybe not that last part but it was super fun! Garrick biked his brains out basically- he was in 7th heaven and could have spent 4 more days there never getting bored... next year?
 Emi in her Easter dress.
Right before we went to the airport, we went to this train place out in the desert- there were trains to ride, little trains to watch and middle sized trains to watch. Pete even got to go into and "under" the train set outside and look at the houses, cars and bridges. He looks like a giant standing out there! I think that this pretty much blew him away.All in all, awesome trip, awesome company (it was super fun to see Kim and meet her boyfriend Kyle) and awesome weather.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pics of the week

Saturday: The last night in last Halloween's Batty Jammies that are now skin tight and capri length
 Sunday: Carousel Rides at Lark Toys
 Tuesday: New train bridge = Endless possibilities
 Thursday: Camping in Sedona with Kimberly  (more to come on that!)
 Friday: Breaking in our hiking shoes
 Saturday: Fun at the campsite with shovels, trucks and cameras.
 Sunday: Time to head home but not before we took a mini-train tour of the desert

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lark Toys

We met Greg and Linka at Lark Toys this weekend- The original plan last weekend had been to go for a  bike ride but that was when it was 80* and no wind- the 30* and windy weather didn't sound that great to any of us. So instead we went, played with trains, read good books and rode on the carousel! Pete picked the chicken to ride on and Emi wanted the beaver so that she could b eclose to her brother. Peter loved it this time saying MORE, faster, and just laughing and grinning the whole time. He is definetly getting to be my big boy and adventurer.

Afterwards we went out to lunch at a restaurant in Alma that rocked Petey's world. It was right on the river at the lock and dam- we watched the water for a while and then a train came by not 20 feet from him. He stood up in his high chair for 50% of the meal, but I didn't think that it would even be fair to ask him to sit- besides he was eating the whole time- also they had a  model train that they ran about every 20 minutes around the top of the restautant/room- the entire place was about the size of our garage. We all ate and ate and watched the water and trains and talked about vacation plans- what a great morning!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying this out...

I am going to try and take a picture each day or at least 4 out of 7 a week- more than half of the time to just see what goes on at our house... I'll try and post Friday or Saturday... 

Monday: Fun at the park

 Tuesday: Daffodils in the yard
Wednesday: Maple tree budding out
Thursday: Pete's Parking Garage $1/hour or max of $7/day
 Friday: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gaga's Spring VIsit

Never mind the fact that it is now snowing outside, it was beautiful earlier this week and it was time for my mom to come and visit her kiddos- we went for walks, to the park, let Emi lay out in the sun and I got to get a lot of school work done while she was here- THANKS Mom!!
The original plan had been that she and Peter were going to go down the slide together... but instead he took off without her!

Monday, April 11, 2011

HandMade Neighborhood Goods

Handmade Neighborhood is just around the corner (Saturday from 9-2 in case you didn't know) and I have been super busy knitting, crocheting, cutting and sewing getting ready- here is a little sneak peak!
 Ruffled T-Shirt scarves
 Baby Bibs
 5 little birds- Baby Mobile
 Tie Dyed Onesies and T-Shirts
 Animals on Parade Baby Blanket
 UpCycled Farmer's Market Bags- made out of t-shirts!
Kid Sized Aprons!!

Can't wait to see you all there!!!
 Summer was back for a day on Sunday. It was near 80* and we made the most of it playing outside ALL day! I got Pete's water table back out and he was more productive with it this year... dumping water back
 and forth and throwing cups of water at the chickens that we let out while we cleaned their little yard...
I just laugh and laugh and laugh everytime I see this picture. He is so cute and a little naughty all at the same time!!

 We walked up to WSU's campus and got to run around and climb on the fountains and benches. We like to go different places without traffic that he can run free and not have to be directed. Plus Scout likes all of the pets from the students. 
Emi outside with barefeet for the first time this year! (And our railings on the deck to keep Pete UP where he belongs). Everyone knows that I love summer- I would move to Florida in the heat in a heart beat if it were close to family and Garrick even said to me last night that he also loves the warm weather even though he wouldn't give up the snow but that it is really really really nice to be so warm outside!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 We went for a hike this weekend to see the BIG river and get out for some fresh air. We also stopped at the park on the way home and had a pic-a-nic lunch. It was great except that Pete didn't want to eat since all of the toys were just there waiting to be played on.
 I know that I took a picture of Pete's feet like this 2 years ago... signs of spring i just love it!!
This was the scene Sunday afternoon after a raucous morning at church. Emelia has found her voice and was grunting, groaning and cooing through the service and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot Pete said 'No, no no church!!" we knew it was goin gto be a rough time- so Pete napped, I folded a lot of diapers, Emi played and Garrick snoozed on the floor next to her for a little bit!