Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 We went for a hike this weekend to see the BIG river and get out for some fresh air. We also stopped at the park on the way home and had a pic-a-nic lunch. It was great except that Pete didn't want to eat since all of the toys were just there waiting to be played on.
 I know that I took a picture of Pete's feet like this 2 years ago... signs of spring i just love it!!
This was the scene Sunday afternoon after a raucous morning at church. Emelia has found her voice and was grunting, groaning and cooing through the service and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot Pete said 'No, no no church!!" we knew it was goin gto be a rough time- so Pete napped, I folded a lot of diapers, Emi played and Garrick snoozed on the floor next to her for a little bit!

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vivida said...

Love 'em all. :)