Monday, April 18, 2011

Lark Toys

We met Greg and Linka at Lark Toys this weekend- The original plan last weekend had been to go for a  bike ride but that was when it was 80* and no wind- the 30* and windy weather didn't sound that great to any of us. So instead we went, played with trains, read good books and rode on the carousel! Pete picked the chicken to ride on and Emi wanted the beaver so that she could b eclose to her brother. Peter loved it this time saying MORE, faster, and just laughing and grinning the whole time. He is definetly getting to be my big boy and adventurer.

Afterwards we went out to lunch at a restaurant in Alma that rocked Petey's world. It was right on the river at the lock and dam- we watched the water for a while and then a train came by not 20 feet from him. He stood up in his high chair for 50% of the meal, but I didn't think that it would even be fair to ask him to sit- besides he was eating the whole time- also they had a  model train that they ran about every 20 minutes around the top of the restautant/room- the entire place was about the size of our garage. We all ate and ate and watched the water and trains and talked about vacation plans- what a great morning!


The Holey Family said...
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vivida said...

choo-choos ( big and little), chickens and grandma and grandpa...what a great day. :)