Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the pumpkin patch

We had a little streak of warm warm weather this week- nearly 70*! So we headed back up to the pumpkin patch to see what we could see with Shana and her girls! There are a lot of pictures- everyone was in a good mood and it was overcast so the colors are really nice! :) (enjoy grandma vivi!)

Found the cat of course!

He found the only green pumpkin in the whole field!

Such nice smiles today!

Where did my baby go??

Leading the way.

And another smile!

He told me as soon as he got up that he was excited to go and drive the green tractor

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Emelia!

Emelia- You are now a big and beautiful 2 year old! You talk non-stop- (especially about your family- mama, dada, broddur, Peter, gaga, bompa) and what we are all doing or where they are- (Dada go byebye). You love to play with blocks (stacking blocks and duplos) and your farm animals. You also will play trains, but that doesn't last as long usually. You like to play outside- digging in the sand, playing in the water (you were splashing in Devil's Lake this weekend in your diaper- it was 45*) and riding your little bikes around on the sidewalk.
You will read books for hours and like to sing songs- "Wheels on the Bus" and EIEIO are two of your best.

You surprised us all on your birthday by repeating- Happy Bird-hey! Each time you'd say it you got a huge smile on your face like you knew you were being tricky. You know what you want and we are working to not let you get it all of the time- but it is hard- you are a CUTIE.

You also love to hug. Mom and dad, other kids, other adults and even your pets! You love to play with Scout and Pumpkin- They love you too- neither one of them runs away when you come clunking up to them- you must be an animal whisperer.

We love you so much little girl!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kim Gets Married!

Kim's wedding has been anticipated in our house for quite a while- for two reasons- 1. We were looking forward to it and love her, Kyle and her family a whole bunch. 2. She wanted Pete to be in the wedding party.

Once she asked, I told her to forget the conversation, think about it and then get back to me. She was sure and Pete was set to go! He was a perfect little man at the wedding and she was a gorgeous bride! The flower girl drug Pete down the aisle, told him to bow (he flopped so low his head almost hit his knees!) and he got to go on the trolley with the wedding party and have "champagne"!

at the hotel before the rehearsal

I love this picture of her and Pete playing!

Kim and Kyle toasting.

Petey toasting!

Gang's all here!!

So worn out!

Emi was scared of Kim in her big wedding dress- think back to Minnie Mouse-- but she made friends with the other bridesmaids!!!

Congratulations to Kim and Kyle! We love you both!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Look what we found in the punkin patch!

 One very very cold and windy day we headed up to the pumpkin patch (on the very top of the bluff of course!) with Brianna, Hannah and Claire. The kids had fun watching the animals, feeding the goats and going for wagon rides. Once we started the trek through the pumpkins, the little girls started to wear out and were ready to head home and get warm! Pete was a trooper though!

 The next day we finished picking all of the raspberries and tomatoes in the garden. I found a little helper in there!
 She was really good at finding raspberries and cherry tomatoes to eat! All year I'd find both kids hovering next to the fence pulling the red tomatoes off of the vines and gobbling them up! I'm lucky that I stuck the berries in the back where they couldn't get to them!!
 Working hard at finding just the right one...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We got home last weekend and there was a brand new Jeep Wrangler in the driveway with top off! Mike and Julie were lending Rachel their van and she left her car here.

As soon as Peter saw it he started running around saying- let's use it! Let's use it!

So we buckled his car seat in the front and as soon as Ms. Rachel came back- off they went for a little cruise!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pete Rides Again!

MVI 1178 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

Riding a two wheeled bike is one of the passages into the big-kid world. I never thought that he would be crossing this bridge- but off he goes. Also, excuse my breathing in the background. He is so fast that I can barely keep up by walking! Pretty soon I am going to have to put my running shoes or maybe my roller blades on to keep up. He currently is going around the block and stopping 2 or 3 times... but it improves each time by leaps and bounds. Please slow down kiddo!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day Out in Winona

My parents came to spend the day with us a while back. You can always tell when school starts up because I go so long between blogging. I have a hard time sitting at the computer after I've sat all day!

But my parents came to visit for the day and helped me get a few things done, and had a lot of fun along the way as well. One of the activites that we did was use the free canoes on Lake Winona. We loaded up the kids and off we went. This is how the kids spent the entire trip, splashing in the water and leaning out as far as they could. Emi was leaning particularly far out so my dad was watching her when all of the sudden Pete (who was using my mom's paddle) went PLOP! Right into the lake! Without missing a beat, my dad reached in and scooped up Peter who was still holding onto the paddle, had one dry shoulder and was laughing! He must be the ONLY kid in the whole world who wouldn't be fazed by that.