Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

This year it has been all about the Christmas lights and decorations when we drive or walk around town. Pete likes (of course) to watch for the green lights and Emi just likes how they are all "spark-y".  So we knew that this was going to be a really fun year to go to LaCrosse and see the lights. We always try to wait until there is snow but to go before it is -10*. That is a hard balance- but this year we lucked out- it was 32* and that day it snowed 2 inches!

 I finally got smart and put the kids in snowpants, heavy coats and boots- so they would be warm.
 Emi wanted to try all of the holes in the pictures-
 Peter spent half of the time looking for green lights and the other half dragging his feet making train tracks. At one point he veered off to the right, backed up exactly on his tracks to the point before he started to turn and continued on straight- he then looked back at me and said "Do you like my siding/switch that I made?"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hitting the Slopes

Peter has a little pair of cross country skis that Granpa Greg got him at the end of last year- there was never enough snow to play around with them then, but the first time it snowed this year he was all over the yard and up and down the block in them. We knew it was time to go back to Cascade and go skiing again.
 Emi and I hung out (since the tiny baby hill wasn't ready yet)
 But Peter skied and skied and skied!
 He was really interested (distracted) by everything going on around him- what are they doing, where does that trail go, can we go on the other chair lift?
But overall he had a blast! The last few times down the hill he didn't fall and needed a lot less help. Maybe next time he can go on the big chair...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Train

We spend a lot of time watching trains in Winona since the railroad crossings go straight through town. There have been many times that we have been out for a walk or a run and we have to sprint to get to the crossing- not so we can get over the tracks- but so we can see the train.

 So it is no surprise the the holiday train is a really big deal! I had it marked on numerous calendars, had a few people set to remind me... and some special visitors planned.
 Yup, Grandpa Dan and Gaga Vivi made the trip up to see the train with the kids. When I asked Peter which he was more excited for- he couldn't make up his mind. The train- no grappa- no BOTH.

 We got there just as the train was arriving this year and were able to walk around it for a while- Pete even talked to the guy that was standing on the train and asked him if he knew Sir Topham Hat.
We will be back next year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to Winter!

 Last night we had a quick fire with Mike and Julie since it was so warm and dry. Maybe that was all mother nature needed to LET IT SNOW!
 We got bundled up and headed out for Emi's first time really playing in the snow. Last year she was drug all over but never really had fun.
 She got rides in the sled
 Pete filled up another sled with trucks
 And we made a train that went around the block.
 Peter just had a blast and is still outside playing, shoveling and throwing snow with the neighbor kids!
 Emi got cold a little early so we headed in to warm up and of course have some hot cocoa.
I think that buying stock in Swiss Miss or Nestle would be a good idea.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ho Ho HO

Winona State had their Santa again and since we weren't up to anything we thought we'd drop in. We went a few years ago and there were no people there, cookies and punch. It was  very relaxed. This year, there was a big line and by the time we got there--- all of the cookies were gone! We still got to see the big man and Peter had a very important message for him: A big train that goes on its own... We'll have to see how that pans out. This Santa is the nicest guy ever- super friendly and gentle with the kids, doesn't force anyone to come over and will sing with the kids.
So happy to be there telling Santa!

As close as Emelia would get.

Emi's ready to be done...

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas!! Around our house- we got Halloween put away, clings on the windows, stockings knitted _ i decided that we needed them and three days later- the littles had stockings- and the tree set up!

First we had to send the kids up into the attic to get the supplies down.
 Up in the attic. Pete really wanted to "go up and look for bats." Emi must have seen a bat.
 Set up the nativity. Emi just wanted to play with teh cows, Pete wanted to know if there could be trains there...
 Put the tree up- Emi helped with lights, ornatments, breaking things, pretty much all of it!
 Pete could NOT wait to put things on the tree. He started while I was still finishing up iwth the lights.
 We got out our race medals from this year to add to the tree- there are a good number of them this year! I had Emelia try them on. I think they weight as much as she did!

And the Christmas stockings that I kint. Green is Petes and Emi gets the fancy red one. Right now they are being used as gunny sacks for toys by the kids. Soon I will have a place to put them up high where they can't be reached until the big event!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What we've been up to...

 Each month goes by faster and faster... not enough time to do anything extra- like take pictures. These are literally all of the pictures I have taken this month... Better luck next month, I guess.
Lots of walks around the block with Emi on her bikes, and Lots and lots of trips around Winona with Pete on his pedal bike. We are to the point that he would rather pedal than ride his skut bike- unless he is pulling the trailer.

One last picture with the pumpkins- a cat for Emelia and Diesel 10 for Peter.
Hosted Thanksgiving at our house- Emi got hungry and tired of waiting- she was happy to sit in her seat and wait for our cousins though! She knew dinner was on its way!

Went to the cities and revisited Choo-Choo Bob's Train Store. It had been two years- I remember feeding Emi while Pete played trains last time- now she was playing right along with him!

Watching hard for the trains to come around the corner.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy "OWL"een!

We were the owl family this week. Well we already were I suppose ordering mice at Culvers and hooting our way through the church but it went the next step.
With my dad's help I made them each a set of owl wings- Pete got green and Emi pinks and purples.

And as always the Halloween week in Winona was crazy! Parties, trick or treats at SMU and the library and then the real deal. Here are a few pictures to enjoy from our fun and games! (It is also a good time to mention that we are getting ready for baby #3 to be arriving  in March! Poor kid... it will be mentioned more in the future!)

Proof of Baby #3!

Tricks and treats at SMU with friends

Owls live in trees.

Back in the pumpkin... again... #1, #3 (I must be missing year 2...)

Not as happy about this.

Seeing a real owl while trick or treating.

Library story time.

Off to the library!

At the end of the night. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the pumpkin patch

We had a little streak of warm warm weather this week- nearly 70*! So we headed back up to the pumpkin patch to see what we could see with Shana and her girls! There are a lot of pictures- everyone was in a good mood and it was overcast so the colors are really nice! :) (enjoy grandma vivi!)

Found the cat of course!

He found the only green pumpkin in the whole field!

Such nice smiles today!

Where did my baby go??

Leading the way.

And another smile!

He told me as soon as he got up that he was excited to go and drive the green tractor