Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to Winter!

 Last night we had a quick fire with Mike and Julie since it was so warm and dry. Maybe that was all mother nature needed to LET IT SNOW!
 We got bundled up and headed out for Emi's first time really playing in the snow. Last year she was drug all over but never really had fun.
 She got rides in the sled
 Pete filled up another sled with trucks
 And we made a train that went around the block.
 Peter just had a blast and is still outside playing, shoveling and throwing snow with the neighbor kids!
 Emi got cold a little early so we headed in to warm up and of course have some hot cocoa.
I think that buying stock in Swiss Miss or Nestle would be a good idea.


vivida said...

your girl wears carhardtt's well! Love the snow train!

Barb said...

Adorable. LOVE the new top of the blog picture. And that photo of emi with the hot cocoa is priceless. She sure looks like her mama. Adorable.