Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

This year it has been all about the Christmas lights and decorations when we drive or walk around town. Pete likes (of course) to watch for the green lights and Emi just likes how they are all "spark-y".  So we knew that this was going to be a really fun year to go to LaCrosse and see the lights. We always try to wait until there is snow but to go before it is -10*. That is a hard balance- but this year we lucked out- it was 32* and that day it snowed 2 inches!

 I finally got smart and put the kids in snowpants, heavy coats and boots- so they would be warm.
 Emi wanted to try all of the holes in the pictures-
 Peter spent half of the time looking for green lights and the other half dragging his feet making train tracks. At one point he veered off to the right, backed up exactly on his tracks to the point before he started to turn and continued on straight- he then looked back at me and said "Do you like my siding/switch that I made?"

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