Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Just a little late. This is how we celebrated the earth's special day:

 Last weekend we went to the park with Lindsay and Oscar to hear some funky bands, park our bikes in the valet parking and roll down a grassy hill... no pictures of this- sorry!

Then, ON earth day, we took some pictures by the trees in our yard

Hung some laundry out to dry

And made some new friends.

 We have 6 chicks living at our house! Garrick built a coop for them to live in and hopefully in a few months we will start to get some eggs. Peter and Scout love to watch them and bark- well that's Scout- I am hoping that Peter can learn to be gentle and hold them nicely by the summer. We'll see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

TipToe through the Tulips

I love love love summer, but since I spend every fall planting tons of bulbs spring has started to become really fun for me also! Here are a few pictures of the flowers and of course the little munch in them!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip of a lifetime

This weekend we took a trip to Buckhorn for some fun...
We got to go for a walk down by the lake with grandma

Garrick and I left Pete with my parents and went out to dinner at the Little Village Cafe in Baraboo. It was delicious! AND nice to get out for a while...
We also went out to LaValle to help my dad take apart a shed that is coming to Winona to be a garden shed/bike hanger/chicken coop at our house. We had lunch at the new picnic table and played up in the grass for a while before we drove home- he fell asleep in 30 seconds...
We stopped at Toys-R-Us on the way home- it was like Christmas for Petey! He got a new car seat, a water table to splash in and a basketball hoop. Life could not be better for this one-year-old.
He loves to put the ball "up" and run after it after it rolls away.
This is what I caught him doing  the other day- he looked pretty darn proud and happy but I was a little nervous...
We also got a new backpack to carry him around in- it is a "soft structured carrier" which means that it holds him in place, but he is right up next to my back like he's on a piggyback ride- He loves it! I cacn picture him snuggling in and falling asleep on long hikes in this. You can also put a little baby on your front using this too

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

To Milwaukee We Go!


 Peter got the chance over Spring break to go and visit a special friend in Milwaukee. We got to do all sorts of fun things while we were there. See how big he is compared to a baby Gorilla... 

 Look at some baby chicks... 

Do a Quick Milk delivery

Army Crawl through a net- the playground was so crowded that it was a little stressful- he did great though- he kept moving and tried a lot of new things!

 Ride his cart down a hill
 And play on the Piehl's deck for a long time while Kim and I caught up. It was such a great visit! We can't wait until June to see her again!