Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Just a little late. This is how we celebrated the earth's special day:

 Last weekend we went to the park with Lindsay and Oscar to hear some funky bands, park our bikes in the valet parking and roll down a grassy hill... no pictures of this- sorry!

Then, ON earth day, we took some pictures by the trees in our yard

Hung some laundry out to dry

And made some new friends.

 We have 6 chicks living at our house! Garrick built a coop for them to live in and hopefully in a few months we will start to get some eggs. Peter and Scout love to watch them and bark- well that's Scout- I am hoping that Peter can learn to be gentle and hold them nicely by the summer. We'll see.


ani said...

happy earth day! I love the picture of Pete with the laundry- you should submit that to some cloth diaper or detergent advertising company.

hey, and have you heard of chicken tractors? Maybe that is what you have there- it's a great way to clean up and fertilize your garden.

I'll be in WI in the end of June. Will you guys be around?

Missy said...

I can't believe you have chickens living at your house! You're awesome :)