Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What 37 Weeks Looks Like

We are getting into uncharted territory here with my being 37 weeks along. We took it easy on Saturday and my mom and dad came to visit and play with the kiddos. We went sledding for an hour, out to lunch and hung out at home. Sunday was a little busier with it being in the 40s and sunny. We played in the backyard, went to a friend's house to sled and have hot chocolate and then Monday we went skiing at SMU!! The baby's room play room has also had a makeover- I'm just waiting to see if it is a girl or boy to put up some finishing touches. It is a really nice place for the kids to play and for a baby to live!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Peter

For Peter's 4th birthday we really wanted to plan a day sledding with our friends. He has loved it so much this year, we thought it would be perfect! However, with the rain, cold temperatures this week and wind, all of the places that we go are icy, rough and either a puddle or ice rink at the bottom. We took a day trip to LARK toys instead, rode the carousel, played trains and looked at other toys. He got to pick out a car or truck from the wall as usual and picked a little green tractor.

  MVI 1633 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

Afterwards, we took naps and had a few friends over for playing trains, pizza and ice cream cake. I felt bad at first that I didn't plan any activities but all of the little boys were asking about playing trains with Peter all day- I think they all had fun!!

You were really excited about the train candle holder that we bought this summer and helped me remember to use it- We made an ice cream cake this year that was super delicious too!

MVI 1641 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

Your big present from us this year was a new GREEN bike. You have been riding a hand-me-down for months that makes a few clunks here and there- you also can out pedal it a lot of the time so it was time to size up. You look so little on that big bike, but you weren't scared at all- you hopped right on and rode up and down the block for a half hour today! You definitely found out that you can go a little faster on this bike and were trying out the speed. I am hoping that I can run with Emi and the baby in the stroller and Peter can ride his bike around the lake- now I'm just hoping I can keep up with him! Maybe I'll attach the bike attachment to the stroller and to HIS bike...

Right now, you love to play trains- your brio and electric are your favorites and you are awesome at building complicated tracks. You also like to act out the shows we watch with your trains and play pretend with them. Another favorite thing of yours is OWLS. We pretend we are an owl family- usually barred owls (sometimes screech or snowy) and fly, look for mice or hoot together. It is obvious that Emelia just loves you becuase she will join in with you as soon as you start to hoot. You also have gotten into playing outside in the snow, shoveling, sledding or going skiing a little bit. This year you learned to ride a pedal bike with no training wheels and can ride all over town on it- people see you and do a double take!! When Emi and I walk to pick you up from school we bring your bikes a lot and you love to ride through the puddles and say "Splish, splash, sploosh!" You are going to be hard to keep up with- you are really good at waiting at intersections though.

This last week you also have given up sucking your thumb unless you are in bed. You wore a glove for a few days and then dropped it altogether. I know it is hard for you sometimes becuase I see you go for it, but then tuck it away- You work really hard at being a big boy. You also love to be FIRST around the house- the first upstairs, downstairs for breakfast, the first to help set the table and the first to pick out a book to read. You are helpful around the house too- you put clothes away/down the laundry chute, set the table and clear the table, put away toys... the list goes on. You tell me that I am your best "home friend" and love to snuggle and read books with me (especially if they are about trains or owls, but you also like Curious George, Clifford, Olivia... and we have started to read some chapter books as well together) and tell me that "i love you best- than all the rest!"

You are a sweet, funny and encouragable boy! You can get into and out of trouble faster than anyone I have met. You have a sweet smile and big brown eyes that give you away- if you are being funny, naughty or sweet. We all love you so much Peter!! Happy 4th Birthday!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines!

 Holidays have gotten to be more and more fun as the kids have gotten older. They like to dress up a little for them and Peter was really excited to hand out his valentines at school this year.
 Emi (and I??? maybe???) got flowers from grandpa which was a big treat and if you ask her- they are "MINE"!!  Her dress was made for her by grandma too! Pretty cute!
She loved "smelling" the flowers- but she was really blowing on them!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peter's Pretend Birthday

For our last weekend outing we went to my mom and dad's house for Pete's birthday. He got a new engine for his train track which he was thrilled with and a crane car which is equally amazing for him. He has gotten really good at putting them on the tracks at home and running the electric train.

While we were there we went sledding at Boo-U. We were worried it would be too crowded/big for the kids, but we were pretty much the only ones there and the downhill part was great. The walk up was a little much for Peter and pulling Emi up was a little too much for us! This last snowfall Emi has embraced the snow and winter time- she loves to lay in the snow, eat the snow and play! She especially loves tubing- on someone's lap- and Pete loves to hop on the back of the sled at the last minute as a "stowaway." We finally bought a second tube so we can hopefully make twice as many trips up and down the hill.

At Peter's suggestion we went outside at played in the snow at 4:00 and had a little campfire in my dad's pit. Then we cooked hotdogs over it for dinner! He also has been saying lately that he wants to go winter camping or camping in the North Pole- sounds cold to me!

After our birthday dinner of roasted hot dogs and watermelon (sounds like he is thinking ahead to summer!) we had owl cake - with a frog on the corner- and played for a while before we headed home. He kept asking- is this my real or my pretend birthday??

Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter at the Fountain Park

 Until baby Harvey comes, Peter is going to three full days of school at Winona State so I can get work done at home. Emi and I usually walk over to pick him up from school and on the way back we stop at the Fountain Park to run and play. Last week they were soaked up to their knees in the puddles that were all over the place. This week they had fun running and trudging through the snow.
 Pete of course made a set of train tracks in the snow in the gazebo.
 Emi is so cute, every curb that we have to bump over in the stroller that isn't well shoveled, she comments "What a MESS!" I agree- people need to work better at shoveling out their curbs and corners!