Thursday, February 26, 2009

splish splash! Pete really is part frog!

First bath!! I think that he really liked the water and us splashing in it- (is it becuase his alter-ego is Kermit?). He didn't like being cold, but as long as he was under the water he looked like he had fun. We said that we didn't need to put such a big sink in- we could have bathed him in our bathroom sink! (Thanks to Steph and Jim for his froggie towel.)

I am also going to try to take pictures of Pete next to this bear for a while to see him grow...

That's all that we've been up to! We are going to get some snow tonight so Garrick and I are going to have to take turns going out skiing this weekend to enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pete's Adventures

Since we are about a week into Peter's life, we thought we'd take a look back and see what Pete has done in his life so far... It's pretty exhausting to think that a little baby has done all of this- we are going to have our hands full keeping up!

Run Grandma's Marathon (1 week along!)

Mountain Bike

Climb Long's Peak (9 weeks)

Water Ski (this is Garrick, but we skied too!)

Saw Steph get hitched.(14 weeks)

Go on fun hikes to fun places.

Run Aldo Leopold race- (he won his age group!) (20 Weeks)

Visit Kim in Arizona

Cross Country Ski (Until last week!)

Now he is onto bigger and better things!
He was BORN (day 0 Feb 16th)

Met his cousin Jackson (Day 1)

Tamed wild animals (Day 4)

Tested out hiking gear to see if it would work! We decided YES! (day 5)

Ventured out into the Arctic to see what that white stuff is all about (Day 5) He wasn't too impressed, but did think that it had a lot of potential in a year or so...

What will day 6 bring? Stay tuned to more adventures with P.D.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentine's day weekend...

Well the weekend started out on a rough foot. I went to the doctor and she put me on a week of bed rest- my tummy had been measuring small for a few weeks and she thought my amniotic fluid levels were low... Little did she know that it was Katie's wedding! I got the go ahead to go and usher my heart out- SLOWLY- and then come home and start to take it easy.

Katie was gorgeous and it was so fun to see her and Karl get married and it was great to see everyone from SMU too!!

That's where the planned activities ended. Sunday, when we got home I took a nap for a bit and woke up- when I stood up- MY WATER BROKE! I wasn't sure about it though and we still had dinner at our neighbor's house. When we got back, I told Garrick and we went to the hospital "just in case". The next thing I knew, I was being admitted and told to hope labor started that night. It didn't and I was induced the next morning after walking 3 miles or so around floor 2 of the hospital... the nurses were all laughing at me- i don't know if they'd seen such an active preggo before- soooo...after a few hours of easy labor and a few hours of intense labor- it made a marathon seem easy!- we had little Peter Daniel with us!!!!!!! Garrick was the best coach I could have asked for- there were a few moments of hysterics and he was so calm and supportive- it was great!

We were a little worried about him being a good size and fully developed since he was 3 1/2 weeks early BUT he is PERFECT. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 18.5 inches long. He is eating well- keep your fingers crossed- and does spend some time each day looking around and seeing what's going on, it sure is fun!!!

Right away on the scale!

After he got wrapped up!

Seeing what there was to see on Tuesday morning

Here are a few pictures to start you all out- We'll add more details later!
Here he is meeting his soon to be best friend!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Already????

It's February- the month before March and it is the shortest month of the year.... ok enough with the dramatics, we are getting really excited for March to come and are eagerly hoping for March 3rd to be an exciting day- that is the first "request" of a birthday that I have. I'll be working on it Kim! :) Otherwise I'll just take any other day that Kerm decides is the best.

Over the weekend, I got to watch Garrick ski in the City of Lakes Loppet- it was so fun to see him race! He did really well, finishing right about where he was hoping to and skiing strong throughout the entire race. It was really fun to watch the start of the race and watching the skiers fly down the hills like crazy.

While we were up in the cities, we took the crib from Garrick's parents that he used to sleep in to use at our house. We got it set up this week, but the rest of the room is a mess, I'll show pictures of that next week. And then, after Garrick skied 20 miles that morning, my parents met us in Winona that night, went skiing with us for an hour (poor garrick) and helped move a few things around the house- it was real fun to see them too! My mom kept saying "erin be careful! slow down on those hills"-- but she is glad that we are still skiing a lot!
The final picture is of the box of cloth diapers I got in the mail today. We are going to give it a shot. The next time that you see them might be in a picture very similar where I am bidding them farewell FOREVER... wish me luck on this endeavor.
I think that is about it- we are going to the hospital to visit our baby class friends Kelly and Marty who had their baby yesterday! We are so excited for them and are excited to meet their little one (Finn) and see how Kelly is feeling.