Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentine's day weekend...

Well the weekend started out on a rough foot. I went to the doctor and she put me on a week of bed rest- my tummy had been measuring small for a few weeks and she thought my amniotic fluid levels were low... Little did she know that it was Katie's wedding! I got the go ahead to go and usher my heart out- SLOWLY- and then come home and start to take it easy.

Katie was gorgeous and it was so fun to see her and Karl get married and it was great to see everyone from SMU too!!

That's where the planned activities ended. Sunday, when we got home I took a nap for a bit and woke up- when I stood up- MY WATER BROKE! I wasn't sure about it though and we still had dinner at our neighbor's house. When we got back, I told Garrick and we went to the hospital "just in case". The next thing I knew, I was being admitted and told to hope labor started that night. It didn't and I was induced the next morning after walking 3 miles or so around floor 2 of the hospital... the nurses were all laughing at me- i don't know if they'd seen such an active preggo before- soooo...after a few hours of easy labor and a few hours of intense labor- it made a marathon seem easy!- we had little Peter Daniel with us!!!!!!! Garrick was the best coach I could have asked for- there were a few moments of hysterics and he was so calm and supportive- it was great!

We were a little worried about him being a good size and fully developed since he was 3 1/2 weeks early BUT he is PERFECT. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 18.5 inches long. He is eating well- keep your fingers crossed- and does spend some time each day looking around and seeing what's going on, it sure is fun!!!

Right away on the scale!

After he got wrapped up!

Seeing what there was to see on Tuesday morning

Here are a few pictures to start you all out- We'll add more details later!
Here he is meeting his soon to be best friend!!


Kristen said...

peter is going to be such a stud :)

The Wagner Fam said...

amazing! i'm so glad that he is here and healthy. way to go mommy!:) i'm glad i thought to check your blog as i haven't done it in a couple of weeks. i guess i picked the right day to look. take care! and wow, he must have been packed-tight in your little tummy. I still can't believe that he was 6lbs 12oz.

vivida said...

what a great week, huh? Look at that big dog and the little baby. Awesome! Peter is so cute.

Kaytay said...

Congratulations you two! Can't wait to get back and meet the little guy. He looks adorable. I'm glad you are doing so well!

steph said...

Beautiful! :D Looks like Scout gives his lick of approval, too!