Thursday, February 26, 2009

splish splash! Pete really is part frog!

First bath!! I think that he really liked the water and us splashing in it- (is it becuase his alter-ego is Kermit?). He didn't like being cold, but as long as he was under the water he looked like he had fun. We said that we didn't need to put such a big sink in- we could have bathed him in our bathroom sink! (Thanks to Steph and Jim for his froggie towel.)

I am also going to try to take pictures of Pete next to this bear for a while to see him grow...

That's all that we've been up to! We are going to get some snow tonight so Garrick and I are going to have to take turns going out skiing this weekend to enjoy it while it lasts!

1 comment:

vivida said...

the teddy's legs are bigger than Peter's. He looks os cozy in the towel. :)