Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pete Helps Dad

It was inevitable... Peter couldn't wait to get his little hands on the power tools!!

Garrick got our french doors between the dining room and the living room re-hung so that they swing out the opposite direction. They look nice and open up the dining room a little more-

The other day he was showing off for me and was flexing his big muscles... Ladies watch out!!! We are actually guessing that he is going to be long and skinny- big muscles are NOT going to be his defining characteristic- we think he might have the typical skier look...

What else have we done this week? My co-workers at school have started to feed us two times a week, so it is great to have good homemade food that we don't have to cook! Food ALWAYS tastes better when you don't make it yourself! And it is really nice to see everyone when they stop by to visit.

We have been skiing every day this week- the snow has been great- Garrick comes home from work, I am ready to leave, I go and ski for an hour, he puts the kid in the car and drives up to SMU to meet me, I take the kid back home and he skis for a while. Also, I RAN TWO MILES TODAY!!! I feel liberated and ready to go since that went so well! We are going to keep it to 2-3 miles this week and then see if we can't start to ramp it up.

Peter's favorite activities this week are: laying on the floor, petting Scout, taking baths in the BIG tub with me- he layed on his back and floater with his eyes closed- and reading stories.


Leo said...

Garrick, I love that last picture of you reading to Pete. What a lucky kid. Erin, it's great to hear you're doing so well! Power woman! I can't wait to meet little Petey. Love you guys!

Ashley said...

You two are such cute parents. Looks like you are having a great time. I was in Winona this weekend, but I ended up with a really bad cold so I decided a visit wouldn't be the best idea. I'll be down again in the spring. I miss you two and I can't wait to meet the little one. Way to go running Erin! Love you!