Saturday, March 21, 2009

Micheal Phelps-- watch out!!

Yup, that's right, we took Kermit swimming at the YMCA last night! Based on the fact that he didn't cry at all- until we got out and it was cold- I think that Peter liked going swimming. I'm pretty sure that he was a little surprised by it all becuase of his HUGE eyes after we went. I guess all babies are good floaters, all we have to do is lightly hold his head and the rest of him floats like a little cork! He looked so little in that 'small pool'.
We read some books about teaching babies to swim and have been doing some of the things they say to do and are getting him used to the big space, the temperature and even going under water! He was getting cold after about 7 minutes, so we got out and warmed up and went home to eat. :) We'll go again this week...
Otherwise, we have been going for a lot of walks in the sunny weather with Scout and/or our friends Finn and Kelly and are eagerly anticipating a special visitor next week! We are going to walk to the Penguin Zesto tonight for a special treat if it stays warm out.

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