Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pete hearts Kimberly

KIM CAME TO VISIT all of the way from Arizona! We have been so excited for this weekend :)

Peter got baptized this weekend. Kim and my dad were his sponsers. The service was really nice and my parents were there, Garrick's were there as well as a few of our good friends. It meant a lot to us to have them there and to have Pete become part of the church family.

After church, we ate lunch and then went for a great hike at Perrot with everyone.

Kel and Marty got Peter his first pair of shoes. Here he is being a big kid, eating from a bottle and sporting his new kicks. (Mom- are you happy that he has shoes now??)

We also played a lot of games(Kim won Monopoly and Garrick won LIFE), went for a lot of walks and visited SMU to show Kim what was the same and what was different and we took Peter swimming for a while. AND of course Kim snuggled Pete a LOT! As usual, we didn't stop moving- we were so tired after two days!

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