Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a busy busy weekend! We went to my parent's house in Baraboo for Friday night! We got to go skiing- my mom stayed in with Pete for most of the night so that Garrick and I could ski- it was a fun treat to get out. We realized on the chair lift that it was the first time we'd been alone! Pete got to meet the ski patrol family and even took a few runs down the bunny hill! (just kidding!)

Then, we stopped by Garrick's grandma's house and she got to meet her second great grandson which was fun to see.

AND while we were home, we stopped by our friend's house to visit- I started to babysit Hannah when she was Peter's age and she's now how old I was when I was watching her... if that makes sense!

When we got back, Katie and Karl and Kristi all came to visit and meet peter!

AND sunday was such a nice day that we had to go for a hike to Perrot State Park and have Pete do a little mountain climbing!

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vivida said...

I love the pic of Pete at Perrot. Great shot. It was good to see you guys.