Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter adventure

We headed back to WI this weekend because Pete just had to visit his godmomma who happened to be back in town! While we were waiting for her to arrive, we went out for a snowshoe with the dogs. Scout looks like a troubbble maker here.

Once Kim got here, the fun officially started- not that I don't have a lot of fun with you Mom and Dad!

We played board games

Went snowshoeing.

And we went cross country skiing. We tried to get as much winter fun in before she went back to Arizona. Pete told me that he is pretty sure that he has the funnest godparents in the whole world! There was also discussion about the location of our summer vacation- options include: Northern MN, Grand Canyon, Wisconsin Dells, and Hawaii... we'll see.

Grandma even took her turn pulling Pete when dad and I were skiing on the lake! 
Look how much fun they are having!

Mountain Man

My dad has always made my mom a gift for Christmas and now has also started to make the little buys presents! He made Peter a "climbing wall" for his cube upstairs. It is so cute- some of the blocks actually spell out Petey's name. He isn't quite ready to do it on his own, but loves to try it out!

See what a big kid I am?

He also has learned how to climb up and down the block from the top platform which is really fun- he can go all over on his own, crawl through the tunnels and slide down the slide- this is going to be a lot of fun all winter long!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A night at the rotary lights

We arrived- it was nice and warm (for a night in December next to the river). Peter was looking at all of the lights and people walking around and was enjoying himself.

We went ice skating. He was a natural!
Then it was time to meet the big man. We waited in line for maybe 10 minutes and Pete was laughing at the kids in line having fun. The minute we walked into Santa's house...

He said he didn't want any toys, books or games. Just get me outta here!

Even with me holding him he wouldn't think about going to Santa. This is interesting because at the Holiday Breakfast at my school that morning he let everyone from 1st graders to grandparents of my students hold him... oh well. Maybe he'll like it more next year.

We took a few more pictures and walked around a little bit longer until we were all cold.

We eat dinner at Hackberry's- a restaurant above the food co-op in LaCrosse- Pete loved watching the people in the restaurant and our server as well. We had squash ravioli and walleye- Pete had a little of everything that we ate too! He's getting to be such a big kid. We made a few more stops and were on our way home- what a fun Christmas night!

Speaking of being a big kid... he's making his bear look so tiny! He has begun to wave byebye at everyone- not at the right time always, but he's getting it, he has started to take a few steps on his own- from me to Garrick or from a toy to me. He always looks so proud of himself and a little surprised too! He also had a babysitter for the last two days at our house since Susan went on vacation with her family over break. He also poses for pictures- he'll stop whatever he is doing to smile and tilt his head- what a little ham! We are looking forward to our first days of break together- we'll keep you updated with our adventures!

Monday, December 21, 2009

the BEST Christmas pagent EVER

We have really grown to love the church that we joined- we always feel so welcomed and part of the family there. Pete has also been welcomed- being held by everyone there and loving every minute of it! We were asked if he could be Jesus for the Christmas program. We said yes immediately- we didn't know we were also part of the deal- but we did it! It was a lot of fun. Next year, Petey wants to be a mouse.

Grandpa =

We had our family Christmas at my parent's house this weekend- Pete and Jackson had so much fun learning how to get into all sorts of trouble at Grand-dan's house. He totally wore the two boys out!

He let the boys empty out, sort and reorganize all of mooze's cabinets- Jackson started this process, and pretty soon. Peter was getting in on the action pitching in as much as he could.

Clean up time!
PLaying in the water- for the second time- the first time was when Jackson learned to flood the kitchen floor with their water cooler. SUCH FUN!

He started to teach Pete to drive- pretty soon he'll be helping to drive the tractors!

We also stopped and saw Great-Grandma and learned some Norwegian nursery rhymes.

We had an exhausting visit to Buckhorn. Mom babysat for us so that we could go downhill skiing at Cascade with dad. We went cross country skiing a lot with and with out the Chariot- Garrick said it was almost like going to ski camp for the weekend. Petey also learned a new trick! He was waving byebye at lots of people- it doesn't happen all of the time- but at least 75% of it.

Box Pusher

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In a one horse open Chariot

This week has been such a busy week! Let me tell you guys about what I've been up to... First I learned how to play hide and seek. Well,  I really just learned to hide and then I thought it was so fun when momma found me! I crawled all of the way underneath the futon and then walked back and forth between it and the wall. I had to get airlifted out though, since I could not find my way out!

I like to watch the trains go by when momma and I are out for our walks with Scout. We got all bundled up a few nights ago and went to the train station (I guess this is where all of the trains come from) and got to see the holiday train! I think that I will like this more in a few years, it was a little cold for me but I did really like the band that was on the train and I liked seeing all of the lights.

The final thing that I have to share with you is that I learned to ski this weekend! Well, not really, but my mom and dad got these cool skis that go on the bottom of my Chariot that I love so much and they can pull me along while they ski. I think that dad is going to be the one that pulls me the most of the time, because momma said that she can finally keep up with him when he has me. I was so warm in there! I had my hat, snowsuit and a big blanket around me to keep warm. I think the other skiers though it was funny, becuase lots of people were talking to mom and dad about me and my little sled. I am happy to go and do that again- it was so fun! I am also excited becuase we have a second Chariot in the basement that is big enough for 2 kids- our family doesn't need it yet- but maybe I can have a friend come a long in there with me- someone just needs to visit!


And I got to play in the snow for the first time! I liked it until I gave myself a whitewash- then it was time to go in and snuggle and warm up!

I gotta go- I have a big day today- I'll tell you all about it then next time though! Have a great day- XOXO Petey

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots of pictures

Pete got a chance to play in a dusting of snow for the first time. We now have over a foot of snow- we will be going out in this for the first time today! He will have gloves on this time... He did not like how cold his hands got- but that was my fault.

Bath tub fun.

Since my parents were sick over Thanksgiving they came last weekend to visit. They loved how Pete walked around with his little cart and how busy he was. And they just love pete.

We also put up our tree! Pete loves to look at it, touch the ornaments and ring the bells on the bottom of the tree.

Winter in Winona is so beautiful!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Fence

After a few busy weeks, Garrick has our fence completely finished! This weekend, my parents are going to come and we are going to build steps from our patio doors to the backyard. Scout was running laps around the yard by himself last night- he is pretty excited that he gets the WHOLE thing now! That was our Thanksgiving Day, my parents were going to visit, but dad got sick so we will see them this weekend instead- it was good to get so much work done!

Last weekend, as always, we went to the Holey House for Lesfe Night. Garrick and I have helped for a long time now with the entire process. We go the night before to cook and rice potatoes, then Linka makes a million balls the next morning with flour and butter and the potatoes. After that, she has all of their friends over and they take turns rolling out the balls and cooking them.
Pete supervising...

We also put the the Christmas lights up for them.
This year we had to re-wire the reindeer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9 months

Pete was 9 months last week- we went to see Christina- our nurse practitioner and here is his status:

Still little, 16 lbs (3%), 28 inches (25%) and his head was just under the 50%, but he is crawling, babbling, and learning new things everyday. He has 4 teeth and sleeps 12 hours at night and then takes 2  one hour + naps a day.

He loves to eat (fruits, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese ravioli, avacado, veggies) and drinks out of his tippy cup very well. We still nurse, but only 4 times a day typically, we still both love it! He loves walk with a push toy (or the laundry basket) and have us chase him, climb up the stairs, take baths, read books (especially the peekaboo books- we have one that is starting to fall apart) and is learning to open the kitchen cabinets and play in the dishwasher. He can stand and stoop down to pick soemthing up if he's holding onto something. He will walk if you hold both of his hands, but not if you let go of one of his hands. He somtimes will "share" his toys when we ask him for something and understands what 'come here' and 'no' and 'give me a kiss' mean. He loves Scout and especially Pumpkin and Susan's cats Marco and Polo.

We got to spend one last weekend outside it was so nice and warm! We loaded up the bikes and Petey's trailer and went to the Root River bike trail for a ride- we didn't go too far, but it was a nice ride- BP slept the entire ride. We didn't go too far because we didn't have any blaze orange on, and it seemed like everyone else on the trail did- we missed the memo. Pete was safe in his bright green bubble though!
Pete has really really gotten excited about bath time. He stands and watches the tub fill up, squealing the entire time. Once he's in the tub, he crawls all over, splashes and plays with his toys the whole time. His round little belly is funny- he just got done eating a HUGE dinner!
We have also started in on one last outside project for the year- building a real fence for our yard. We put in patio doors last year so it is going to be so nice to let Scout out into the yard and for himt o have the WHOLE thing to play in!
Here are the posts put in and the neighbor's chainlink fence extended to where we wanted it.
And the fence starting to be assembled in the basement. It is going to be so nice- we wanted to be able to see back into the yard so this is going to be perfect! Hopefully we can get a lot of up this weekend.
 We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. We know we have so much to be thankful for this year!