Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A night at the rotary lights

We arrived- it was nice and warm (for a night in December next to the river). Peter was looking at all of the lights and people walking around and was enjoying himself.

We went ice skating. He was a natural!
Then it was time to meet the big man. We waited in line for maybe 10 minutes and Pete was laughing at the kids in line having fun. The minute we walked into Santa's house...

He said he didn't want any toys, books or games. Just get me outta here!

Even with me holding him he wouldn't think about going to Santa. This is interesting because at the Holiday Breakfast at my school that morning he let everyone from 1st graders to grandparents of my students hold him... oh well. Maybe he'll like it more next year.

We took a few more pictures and walked around a little bit longer until we were all cold.

We eat dinner at Hackberry's- a restaurant above the food co-op in LaCrosse- Pete loved watching the people in the restaurant and our server as well. We had squash ravioli and walleye- Pete had a little of everything that we ate too! He's getting to be such a big kid. We made a few more stops and were on our way home- what a fun Christmas night!

Speaking of being a big kid... he's making his bear look so tiny! He has begun to wave byebye at everyone- not at the right time always, but he's getting it, he has started to take a few steps on his own- from me to Garrick or from a toy to me. He always looks so proud of himself and a little surprised too! He also had a babysitter for the last two days at our house since Susan went on vacation with her family over break. He also poses for pictures- he'll stop whatever he is doing to smile and tilt his head- what a little ham! We are looking forward to our first days of break together- we'll keep you updated with our adventures!

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Missy said...

I love the picture of Peter crying with santa...its just so classic!! But, I never ever knew that little guy cried...he's always so happy!