Monday, December 21, 2009

Grandpa =

We had our family Christmas at my parent's house this weekend- Pete and Jackson had so much fun learning how to get into all sorts of trouble at Grand-dan's house. He totally wore the two boys out!

He let the boys empty out, sort and reorganize all of mooze's cabinets- Jackson started this process, and pretty soon. Peter was getting in on the action pitching in as much as he could.

Clean up time!
PLaying in the water- for the second time- the first time was when Jackson learned to flood the kitchen floor with their water cooler. SUCH FUN!

He started to teach Pete to drive- pretty soon he'll be helping to drive the tractors!

We also stopped and saw Great-Grandma and learned some Norwegian nursery rhymes.

We had an exhausting visit to Buckhorn. Mom babysat for us so that we could go downhill skiing at Cascade with dad. We went cross country skiing a lot with and with out the Chariot- Garrick said it was almost like going to ski camp for the weekend. Petey also learned a new trick! He was waving byebye at lots of people- it doesn't happen all of the time- but at least 75% of it.

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