Friday, December 4, 2009

New Fence

After a few busy weeks, Garrick has our fence completely finished! This weekend, my parents are going to come and we are going to build steps from our patio doors to the backyard. Scout was running laps around the yard by himself last night- he is pretty excited that he gets the WHOLE thing now! That was our Thanksgiving Day, my parents were going to visit, but dad got sick so we will see them this weekend instead- it was good to get so much work done!

Last weekend, as always, we went to the Holey House for Lesfe Night. Garrick and I have helped for a long time now with the entire process. We go the night before to cook and rice potatoes, then Linka makes a million balls the next morning with flour and butter and the potatoes. After that, she has all of their friends over and they take turns rolling out the balls and cooking them.
Pete supervising...

We also put the the Christmas lights up for them.
This year we had to re-wire the reindeer.

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Amy said...

We love lefse too! We make every year with my whole family! fun times! Happy Holidays...or Holeydays?! teehee. I am a dork!