Sunday, December 13, 2009

In a one horse open Chariot

This week has been such a busy week! Let me tell you guys about what I've been up to... First I learned how to play hide and seek. Well,  I really just learned to hide and then I thought it was so fun when momma found me! I crawled all of the way underneath the futon and then walked back and forth between it and the wall. I had to get airlifted out though, since I could not find my way out!

I like to watch the trains go by when momma and I are out for our walks with Scout. We got all bundled up a few nights ago and went to the train station (I guess this is where all of the trains come from) and got to see the holiday train! I think that I will like this more in a few years, it was a little cold for me but I did really like the band that was on the train and I liked seeing all of the lights.

The final thing that I have to share with you is that I learned to ski this weekend! Well, not really, but my mom and dad got these cool skis that go on the bottom of my Chariot that I love so much and they can pull me along while they ski. I think that dad is going to be the one that pulls me the most of the time, because momma said that she can finally keep up with him when he has me. I was so warm in there! I had my hat, snowsuit and a big blanket around me to keep warm. I think the other skiers though it was funny, becuase lots of people were talking to mom and dad about me and my little sled. I am happy to go and do that again- it was so fun! I am also excited becuase we have a second Chariot in the basement that is big enough for 2 kids- our family doesn't need it yet- but maybe I can have a friend come a long in there with me- someone just needs to visit!


And I got to play in the snow for the first time! I liked it until I gave myself a whitewash- then it was time to go in and snuggle and warm up!

I gotta go- I have a big day today- I'll tell you all about it then next time though! Have a great day- XOXO Petey

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vivida said...

OMG, does that look hard. As if CC skiing is not hard enough!!!! Give Garrick some ice cream. I love the pic of Petein your back yard where he is looking up. What a cutie.