Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pete hearts Kimberly

KIM CAME TO VISIT all of the way from Arizona! We have been so excited for this weekend :)

Peter got baptized this weekend. Kim and my dad were his sponsers. The service was really nice and my parents were there, Garrick's were there as well as a few of our good friends. It meant a lot to us to have them there and to have Pete become part of the church family.

After church, we ate lunch and then went for a great hike at Perrot with everyone.

Kel and Marty got Peter his first pair of shoes. Here he is being a big kid, eating from a bottle and sporting his new kicks. (Mom- are you happy that he has shoes now??)

We also played a lot of games(Kim won Monopoly and Garrick won LIFE), went for a lot of walks and visited SMU to show Kim what was the same and what was different and we took Peter swimming for a while. AND of course Kim snuggled Pete a LOT! As usual, we didn't stop moving- we were so tired after two days!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Micheal Phelps-- watch out!!

Yup, that's right, we took Kermit swimming at the YMCA last night! Based on the fact that he didn't cry at all- until we got out and it was cold- I think that Peter liked going swimming. I'm pretty sure that he was a little surprised by it all becuase of his HUGE eyes after we went. I guess all babies are good floaters, all we have to do is lightly hold his head and the rest of him floats like a little cork! He looked so little in that 'small pool'.
We read some books about teaching babies to swim and have been doing some of the things they say to do and are getting him used to the big space, the temperature and even going under water! He was getting cold after about 7 minutes, so we got out and warmed up and went home to eat. :) We'll go again this week...
Otherwise, we have been going for a lot of walks in the sunny weather with Scout and/or our friends Finn and Kelly and are eagerly anticipating a special visitor next week! We are going to walk to the Penguin Zesto tonight for a special treat if it stays warm out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a busy busy weekend! We went to my parent's house in Baraboo for Friday night! We got to go skiing- my mom stayed in with Pete for most of the night so that Garrick and I could ski- it was a fun treat to get out. We realized on the chair lift that it was the first time we'd been alone! Pete got to meet the ski patrol family and even took a few runs down the bunny hill! (just kidding!)

Then, we stopped by Garrick's grandma's house and she got to meet her second great grandson which was fun to see.

AND while we were home, we stopped by our friend's house to visit- I started to babysit Hannah when she was Peter's age and she's now how old I was when I was watching her... if that makes sense!

When we got back, Katie and Karl and Kristi all came to visit and meet peter!

AND sunday was such a nice day that we had to go for a hike to Perrot State Park and have Pete do a little mountain climbing!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


What is an okapi you ask?

It is a cousin of a giraffe, that looks like a zebra with a mule's head and ears... it also is Peter's roommate! My dad made this "toy chest" for Peter's room. We knew that he was making something for him, but had no idea what it was going to be. We love it and can't believe that Dad made it from nothing- it really is something!

What else have we been up to this week?

It was in the 50s for a few days so we got to get out and go for a few hikes and lots of walks down by the river! Peter also ate his first bottle given to him by his grandma and grand-dan. :) Garrick had tried earlier in the week but Pete wasn't a fan of the nipple on the bottle- mom said that Matt was the same way when he was little! (I really like this picture of mom and Pete, look at him staring up at her. Love and adoration.)

His friend Finn also came over to play the other day- he is 12 days older than Peter and it has been fun to see them growing together! He has as much hair as Peter has and he is SO cute!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pete Helps Dad

It was inevitable... Peter couldn't wait to get his little hands on the power tools!!

Garrick got our french doors between the dining room and the living room re-hung so that they swing out the opposite direction. They look nice and open up the dining room a little more-

The other day he was showing off for me and was flexing his big muscles... Ladies watch out!!! We are actually guessing that he is going to be long and skinny- big muscles are NOT going to be his defining characteristic- we think he might have the typical skier look...

What else have we done this week? My co-workers at school have started to feed us two times a week, so it is great to have good homemade food that we don't have to cook! Food ALWAYS tastes better when you don't make it yourself! And it is really nice to see everyone when they stop by to visit.

We have been skiing every day this week- the snow has been great- Garrick comes home from work, I am ready to leave, I go and ski for an hour, he puts the kid in the car and drives up to SMU to meet me, I take the kid back home and he skis for a while. Also, I RAN TWO MILES TODAY!!! I feel liberated and ready to go since that went so well! We are going to keep it to 2-3 miles this week and then see if we can't start to ramp it up.

Peter's favorite activities this week are: laying on the floor, petting Scout, taking baths in the BIG tub with me- he layed on his back and floater with his eyes closed- and reading stories.