Monday, June 27, 2011

Biking Fun

Peter has been practicing and practing riding his bike for the last 2 weeks and is finally getting to a point that he can move pretty fast onit- and is even learning to sit on the seat and kick with his feet instead of just waddling with the bike between his legs. We walked to the princess wenonah fountain this weekend to bike at the park and even though Emi fell asleep, Garrick and I were so proud of the little guy!

 We got this new backpack on CL for Emelia so when go on longer hikes with the kids she can be more upright and have space to more a little more- I think she really liked it!
 Love the little baby bare feet dangling out the bottom!

Choo-chooing on the fountain wall.

Here are a few more videos of Pete biking and then one of us reading his favorite page of a book. The second page says "big I little i what begins with I? Itchy, itchy ichabod... I i I" Which Peter thinks is HIlarious!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SMU fun

 We have started to try and go on hikes that Peter can walk the majority of partly because he is getting too big to carry, partly because he doesn't like to be carried and partly because he loves to walk and run and does a really really good job of it. This means hikes are scaled back a little, but lucky for us, we've seen most of the hikes around our house anyways so it is just fun to get out with the kids!

We wandered down the the creek, took Scouty with us of course, let him swim and chase sticks and walked over all of the bridges that are there at least once! Since it was my big day, I also made a request for a family picture... Poor Emi got left on the ground while I ran back and forth starting and stopping the timer on my camera that was balanced on top of a sign 50 feet away. SMU looks so green and lush right now!

 Then later that week it cooled off, started to rain but in a break in the rain we went out for a hike at SMU to take a look at what we thought might be a Beach Tree... it wasn't... and to explore a little more. More Rock throwing... a few pictures by the new fish pond... and someone had to jump in for a quick swim...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week of Pictures.

Monday: Eating corn with "handles"

Tuesday: Family walk at SMU- thank goodness for 10 second timers!

Thursday: Another picture at SMU... had a little help this time though

Friday: First sunny day of the week. my little clover princess. 

Saturday: Checking out the princess winona fountain

202nd Post ... A look back.

I thought I would just post a few links back to some of my favorite posts....

Feb 2009:
Just Before Peter was born and we were finishing up a few last items.

April 2009:
Peter's first big smiles on film.

July 2009:
Camping in Colorado with our family and Kimberly

Oct 2009:
Videos of Peter as a pre-walker... melts my heart.

April 2010:
A little announcement!

July 2010:
Summer fun at Farmer's Park

Dec 2010:
Wintery fun in Winona.

March 2011:
Playing at our house with the 2 kiddos.

June 2011:
Emi with the waves.

If you have made it through even some of them... thanks for taking a look back. A lot has changed in a few years- let me know if there is a post that you loved that I didn't mention!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Picking

 Mom and I loaded Pete and Emelia up and went off on a strawberry picking adventure. She found a good place to hang out while...
 Peter scoped out where we needed to head off to first!
 We looked for the big red strawberries and
 Ate them right then and there--- leaves and all sometimes.
But  we saved a few to take home to share with Grandpa Dan and to freeze for yummy treats this winter!

The Bus Park

 We like to drive across the river to a little park that is in the middle of nowhere...
 While we are there, we climb...
 Slide down big slides!
 Watch the clouds go by
 Climb some more
And ride dinosaurs!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splash Day at Copeland Park

 We have a group of friends who all have boys (and one girl) that are around 2 years old and we are trying to make Monday mornings  a play day for the kids and a day for the moms to all get together. Last week it was beautiful so we went to Copeland Park in LaCrosse to play on the playgrounds, in the splash park and to have a picnic lunch. I'm a little sorry that I didn't get pictures of lunch because it was like herding cats trying to get all of the kids to sit and eat with the parks, lots of green grass to run in and a few friend ducks coming up for tastes of our treats!
 Claire and Emi got to get up close and personal swinging together.

 All 5 of the toddlers playing in the water together. (front to back: Julia, Peter, Finn {behind Pete}, Elias and Quinn {Behind the water})
We think that Pete drank the most water but that Julia liked to sit in the water the best and that Quinn got the wettest (?) and we are not sure if it was on accident or on purpose!! What a fun day with fun friends!!

Last week of pictures...

 Monday: Play date at Copeland Park's Splash Park.
 Tuesday: How 2 year olds mountain bike.
 Wednesday: How 2 year olds set the table.
 Thursday: Found these guys guarding the bathroom went i went to brush my teeth.
 Friday: Quick train ride at Steamboat days.
 Saturday: Balloons for Kristen's Shower.
Sunday: Steaming down the hill at full speed.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Temperance River

Garrick grew up camping every summer on the North Shore of Lake Superior with his family (mom and dad and bill and jean and doug and marsha) and it was time that we introduced Pete and Emi to the waves and rocks and trees up north. We had the most beautiful weather... on Sunday. But we did get to see a few of these:
We also went for a hike up Mt. Carlton (where Garrick proposed to me!) and went sea kayaking on Sunday. Pete got to throw piles of rocks into the lake and Emi got passed around from person to person to see who could make her laugh the most! We will be back next year and can't wait for a few more camping trips this summer from going to Yogi Bears to the Brule River to Whitewater State Park for a quick overnight away from home. (Have I mentioned yet that I love love love summer?) Enjoy the pictures!

Christmas card shot?

Up on the mountain

Trying to not get washed out to sea.

Increasing the water level.

MMMMM. S'mores!!