Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splash Day at Copeland Park

 We have a group of friends who all have boys (and one girl) that are around 2 years old and we are trying to make Monday mornings  a play day for the kids and a day for the moms to all get together. Last week it was beautiful so we went to Copeland Park in LaCrosse to play on the playgrounds, in the splash park and to have a picnic lunch. I'm a little sorry that I didn't get pictures of lunch because it was like herding cats trying to get all of the kids to sit and eat with the parks, lots of green grass to run in and a few friend ducks coming up for tastes of our treats!
 Claire and Emi got to get up close and personal swinging together.

 All 5 of the toddlers playing in the water together. (front to back: Julia, Peter, Finn {behind Pete}, Elias and Quinn {Behind the water})
We think that Pete drank the most water but that Julia liked to sit in the water the best and that Quinn got the wettest (?) and we are not sure if it was on accident or on purpose!! What a fun day with fun friends!!

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vivida said...

Lookit at those lil girlies swingin together...awww... GREAT shots.