Saturday, June 25, 2011

202nd Post ... A look back.

I thought I would just post a few links back to some of my favorite posts....

Feb 2009:
Just Before Peter was born and we were finishing up a few last items.

April 2009:
Peter's first big smiles on film.

July 2009:
Camping in Colorado with our family and Kimberly

Oct 2009:
Videos of Peter as a pre-walker... melts my heart.

April 2010:
A little announcement!

July 2010:
Summer fun at Farmer's Park

Dec 2010:
Wintery fun in Winona.

March 2011:
Playing at our house with the 2 kiddos.

June 2011:
Emi with the waves.

If you have made it through even some of them... thanks for taking a look back. A lot has changed in a few years- let me know if there is a post that you loved that I didn't mention!

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