Monday, June 6, 2011

First day of summer break!

 Today was the first day of my summer break and oh man did it feel like it-- sunny and 90*! Peter went to school for 2 hours and Emi and I ran some errands, did laundry and packed lunches for our fun afternoon at the lake! We called up Shana and Julia and they met us for a quick dip in the lake and some PB&J action.
 Sometimes when we are out and about and one of our wonderful kids is having a rough time, Shana will look at me and say, "we are amazing wonder women..." for dealing with the 4 kids all day. But we did it! 4 kids 2 and under and 2 moms did an afternoon at the beach and a picnic with no few tears and lots and lots of smiles. Summer is really the best time!
Peter didn't want to swim last weekend at my parent's house but was warming up to the idea. He and Julia spent the day scooping water on eachother, the moms and the babies, throwing the boats for eachother and splashing in the water.
Petey also spent a decent amount of time playing with the cup lid that you see on his left in the sand...

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vivida said...

Looks like Pete had a great time. This is what you have been waiting for all winter, Erin. :)