Monday, June 6, 2011

Temperance River

Garrick grew up camping every summer on the North Shore of Lake Superior with his family (mom and dad and bill and jean and doug and marsha) and it was time that we introduced Pete and Emi to the waves and rocks and trees up north. We had the most beautiful weather... on Sunday. But we did get to see a few of these:
We also went for a hike up Mt. Carlton (where Garrick proposed to me!) and went sea kayaking on Sunday. Pete got to throw piles of rocks into the lake and Emi got passed around from person to person to see who could make her laugh the most! We will be back next year and can't wait for a few more camping trips this summer from going to Yogi Bears to the Brule River to Whitewater State Park for a quick overnight away from home. (Have I mentioned yet that I love love love summer?) Enjoy the pictures!

Christmas card shot?

Up on the mountain

Trying to not get washed out to sea.

Increasing the water level.

MMMMM. S'mores!!

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