Monday, June 27, 2011

Biking Fun

Peter has been practicing and practing riding his bike for the last 2 weeks and is finally getting to a point that he can move pretty fast onit- and is even learning to sit on the seat and kick with his feet instead of just waddling with the bike between his legs. We walked to the princess wenonah fountain this weekend to bike at the park and even though Emi fell asleep, Garrick and I were so proud of the little guy!

 We got this new backpack on CL for Emelia so when go on longer hikes with the kids she can be more upright and have space to more a little more- I think she really liked it!
 Love the little baby bare feet dangling out the bottom!

Choo-chooing on the fountain wall.

Here are a few more videos of Pete biking and then one of us reading his favorite page of a book. The second page says "big I little i what begins with I? Itchy, itchy ichabod... I i I" Which Peter thinks is HIlarious!

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vivida said...

Pete is really getting the hang of the bike thing. Like father, like son. :)