Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9 months

Pete was 9 months last week- we went to see Christina- our nurse practitioner and here is his status:

Still little, 16 lbs (3%), 28 inches (25%) and his head was just under the 50%, but he is crawling, babbling, and learning new things everyday. He has 4 teeth and sleeps 12 hours at night and then takes 2  one hour + naps a day.

He loves to eat (fruits, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese ravioli, avacado, veggies) and drinks out of his tippy cup very well. We still nurse, but only 4 times a day typically, we still both love it! He loves walk with a push toy (or the laundry basket) and have us chase him, climb up the stairs, take baths, read books (especially the peekaboo books- we have one that is starting to fall apart) and is learning to open the kitchen cabinets and play in the dishwasher. He can stand and stoop down to pick soemthing up if he's holding onto something. He will walk if you hold both of his hands, but not if you let go of one of his hands. He somtimes will "share" his toys when we ask him for something and understands what 'come here' and 'no' and 'give me a kiss' mean. He loves Scout and especially Pumpkin and Susan's cats Marco and Polo.

We got to spend one last weekend outside it was so nice and warm! We loaded up the bikes and Petey's trailer and went to the Root River bike trail for a ride- we didn't go too far, but it was a nice ride- BP slept the entire ride. We didn't go too far because we didn't have any blaze orange on, and it seemed like everyone else on the trail did- we missed the memo. Pete was safe in his bright green bubble though!
Pete has really really gotten excited about bath time. He stands and watches the tub fill up, squealing the entire time. Once he's in the tub, he crawls all over, splashes and plays with his toys the whole time. His round little belly is funny- he just got done eating a HUGE dinner!
We have also started in on one last outside project for the year- building a real fence for our yard. We put in patio doors last year so it is going to be so nice to let Scout out into the yard and for himt o have the WHOLE thing to play in!
Here are the posts put in and the neighbor's chainlink fence extended to where we wanted it.
And the fence starting to be assembled in the basement. It is going to be so nice- we wanted to be able to see back into the yard so this is going to be perfect! Hopefully we can get a lot of up this weekend.
 We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. We know we have so much to be thankful for this year!

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