Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy Halloween! We did a costumed 5K in the morning- I was a cat, Pete a rate (is his jogger) and Garrick was a running cowboy. Pretty fun- it was very low key and mostly college students, but still a good time! Then we went to a few friend's houses to trick or treat and then to Chris and Lindsey's for their party!

The best costume there was one of their friends who dressed up with her daughter like they were kayaking... AMAZING.

Here are a few of Pete as the rat. He was so cute. He's starting to growl all of the time so he was a growling rat.

We took Pete out last week to take pictures in the leaves. Its lucky we did it when we did, because all of the leaves are now falling off of the trees. He wasn't feeling the best when we did it, but we still got some cute shots.

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