Monday, November 9, 2009

1/4 of the way done!

Report cards are due this week.... that means that I am 1/4 of the way done with the school year. It has really gone by pretty fast and lucky for me, Pete really seems like love going to Susan'sn house for his afternoons. He gives her kisses, gets to play and eat there.. could life get any better?

This is maybe why time is going so fast- we have had the busiest week ever!

First: Kim came to Winona to do the volunteer fair for Maggie's Place and Pete helped her recruit those college girls! While she was here, we played Monopoly, went for some hikes and walks and just had fun playing.

Then I worked 2 nights in a row and then we had a fun visit from Grandma and Grandpa! We went to SMU and played in the apple trees.

I climbed one to get some apples out and
Scout followed me up!

Pete showed him tummy and other skills off.

And then we spent time outside playing on his little playset. He had so much fun exploring all of the different areas and was even trying to climb up onto the platform... he isn't quite big enough yet though!

Hey- get me outta here!

Nevermind- I got it!


This is more fun to go down head first.

Pete just had the best time crawling in and out and up and down his play cube. We are going to set it up inside for him to crawl on all winter long. We decided that it was worth the space for him to have something fun to play on and get some energy used up!

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vivida said...

Lil Pete is growing up! I can't believe how much fun he had on his slide when I was there. He was squealing with glee at the prospect of going down the slide!