Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lots to share this week...

It is starting to warm up and we have been spending more time outside this week- it is supposed to be in the 60s by this weekend for Easter. We have been getting more stuff done around the house and are finishing up some projects that we had started. I am pretty sure that since I have lived in our house, the back door has never had trim around it- we had gutted the whole thing before I moved it- so it is so neat to see the entire thing FINISHED. Garrick worked so hard on all of the renovations in this room- building all of the cabinets, tearing down the wall, putting in the doors to the backyard and refinishing the floors. I am so lucky to have such a smart and talented husband!

I got all of my seeds started inside that I am going to start. We are going to grow most of the usual this year, tomatoes, peppers, beans (to Garrick's dismay), peas, cucs, lots of squash. Hopefully, enough will grow that we can use it to make food for Pete... this is ambitious... we will see if it happens. :) At least we can have good things to eat this summer while it is growing and we can share it with our friends.

I took Pete while he was still a "tiny baby" to JC Penny to get his pictures taken. They did a really nice job, I wish they would have taken a few more, but he was a sleepy little guy and didn't want to wake up. That's okay, its what he does most of the time anyhow. (He is up to about 9 pounds I think- we weigh him on our bathroom scale. He isn't such a little squirt anymore!)

This weekend I did my first race- The Fool's Five in Lewiston! It was so fun to get out an run again- and i was still pretty fast! Peter and Garrick came and watched- here is Peter in his chariot cheering mama on!
And Here we are after the race- it was a cold and snowy and windy day... I found two guys on the way back to "draft off of" so that I didn't have to run into the 30mph winds! (It worked- i won my age group!)

AND Peter is learning to suck his thumb- we were reading a book the other day and this is what I looked to down see! Then I yelled- Garrick come quick with the camera!

We are starting a baby swim team. Finn came swimming with us at the Y the other day. Just as his name would imply- he quite the little swimmer! He did a great job and we are looking foward to going with them again!

Finally, I realized that I haven't been putting up his pictures with his bear... These are the 2 latest ones. One Month (in white) and 6 weeks (in yellow).

Like I said, this is quite a lot- but we had a good week here- Also- we want to send out good vibes to our friends Liz and Brian who are quickly approaching their due date for a quick and safe delivery! We can't wait to meet your little one! Happy Easter my parents are coming to visit on Friday and Garrick's mom is coming on Monday- it should be a great weekend!

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