Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pete's Adventures

Since we are about a week into Peter's life, we thought we'd take a look back and see what Pete has done in his life so far... It's pretty exhausting to think that a little baby has done all of this- we are going to have our hands full keeping up!

Run Grandma's Marathon (1 week along!)

Mountain Bike

Climb Long's Peak (9 weeks)

Water Ski (this is Garrick, but we skied too!)

Saw Steph get hitched.(14 weeks)

Go on fun hikes to fun places.

Run Aldo Leopold race- (he won his age group!) (20 Weeks)

Visit Kim in Arizona

Cross Country Ski (Until last week!)

Now he is onto bigger and better things!
He was BORN (day 0 Feb 16th)

Met his cousin Jackson (Day 1)

Tamed wild animals (Day 4)

Tested out hiking gear to see if it would work! We decided YES! (day 5)

Ventured out into the Arctic to see what that white stuff is all about (Day 5) He wasn't too impressed, but did think that it had a lot of potential in a year or so...

What will day 6 bring? Stay tuned to more adventures with P.D.


steph said...

Aww we made the list! I still think the ones with Scouters are especially adorable :)

vivida said...

I bet Peter came out early just so he could get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Cute...isn technology great? Now we can follow all of Pete's Adventures (and yours too). Thanks for sharing the site.
"Aunt Annette"

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of baby Peter with Scout when they are both sleeping. Looks like Scout loves to take care of him already!

We can't wait to come and visit him.


Kristen said...

Scout and Petey are sooo precious! And I love that you put him in that bear zip up :) It kind of made my day!!!