Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peter's Pretend Birthday

For our last weekend outing we went to my mom and dad's house for Pete's birthday. He got a new engine for his train track which he was thrilled with and a crane car which is equally amazing for him. He has gotten really good at putting them on the tracks at home and running the electric train.

While we were there we went sledding at Boo-U. We were worried it would be too crowded/big for the kids, but we were pretty much the only ones there and the downhill part was great. The walk up was a little much for Peter and pulling Emi up was a little too much for us! This last snowfall Emi has embraced the snow and winter time- she loves to lay in the snow, eat the snow and play! She especially loves tubing- on someone's lap- and Pete loves to hop on the back of the sled at the last minute as a "stowaway." We finally bought a second tube so we can hopefully make twice as many trips up and down the hill.

At Peter's suggestion we went outside at played in the snow at 4:00 and had a little campfire in my dad's pit. Then we cooked hotdogs over it for dinner! He also has been saying lately that he wants to go winter camping or camping in the North Pole- sounds cold to me!

After our birthday dinner of roasted hot dogs and watermelon (sounds like he is thinking ahead to summer!) we had owl cake - with a frog on the corner- and played for a while before we headed home. He kept asking- is this my real or my pretend birthday??


Barb said...

Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. You have such a fun family!

vivida said...

Great pictures from a very fun weekend.