Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas In Review

As usual we traveled a lot, had loads of fun, and took about 5 pictures... Here's what I got and some fun stories to go along with it!

 We first went to the cities to the Holey family Christmas. We spent time out in the woods climbing over and under trees, looking for (what else??) owls, and dragging sleds around.
 I somehow bribed the kids into one good picture. (Emelia looks like she is 4 in this picture!)
The kids spent some time with their elders enjoying cheese and cider. Garrick has two great-grandmas and I parked the kids over by the little table for snacks and who should join them but the two ladies! What a sweet moment. 
 We came home for Christmas... Opened gifts and my mom and dad came to spend the day. We went sledding, played trains and Emi got to play with her new kitchen with Gaga Vivi for hours. She was in HEAVEN! (I think they both were actually!)

 The boys also got to open a "special" gift as well.... I think this is an image that will make all of us smile for years to come. Wednesday came and Pete woke up sick. Bless my mom and dad's hearts- they spent the day helping with sick kids, washing floors and bedding and surviving with me.
We wrapped up our busy busy week with a trip back to my parent's house. Matt and Lara and the kids came up as well and we spent the day outside burying Grandpa and Matt in the snow, sledding, playing the piano, trains and even had a little arts and crafts hour!!

Merry Christmas! We are really blessed to have the family that we have!


vivida said...

Great memories, for sure. The picture of the kids and TWO great grandmas: priceless.

Barb said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday. LOVE the grandmas and the kids. What a sweet moment.

Katie said...

I love that in your "one nice picture" of the kids under the tree, Emi looks like she's being strangled. Gotta love those older siblings right!? I'm sure I never, ever did that to Emily ;-)