Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week at Gramma and Grappa's

 We spent a long weekend at gramma and grappa's while Garrick sanded the LAST room's floor in our house! Yes-- that is true- our entire house now has beautiful honey colored floors that at one point were scuff free. Not that that lasts long with a dog and two kids.
 Anyhow, we went to WI for a long weekend and played outside, Pete got to try ice skating and Emi wandered on the ice. The day that we went it was really cold so we didn't stay too long. At the end, Emelia decided it was TOO cold and took off on her own across the field to go home! By the time dad got his skates off she was 2/3 of the way to the road.

 Pete did a great job of skating and seemed to get the hang of it- not falling every other step.
 A lot of the time was spent working on projects that they came up with, painting them and of course- playing trains!


vivida said...

Emi is so smart that she knew her way home! And Pete is quite the lil rock star.

vivida said...

also love that Pete is wearing my pink hat. ;)