Sunday, January 6, 2013


We have been having really warm weather and rain is forcasted for later in the week. Pair that up with the fact that Pete has been getting a little stir crazy... time for some sledding fun! We thought it would fun fun to try out the tube instead of the pink plastic sled this time. I don't know which he liked better, but I think I would rather tube! Pete would have gone every single trip up and down the hill and by the end was towing the tube up on his own. (YAY!)
 I think my favorite run of the day was when Emi and Peter went down together on their own! They really flew down the hill, but there is a nice burm at the bottom so they couldn't fly away.
And notice Emi's giraffe snow suit. It is fleece so not super warm but it still has hand covers that work for her and she can move around in it!