Monday, December 17, 2012

Hitting the Slopes

Peter has a little pair of cross country skis that Granpa Greg got him at the end of last year- there was never enough snow to play around with them then, but the first time it snowed this year he was all over the yard and up and down the block in them. We knew it was time to go back to Cascade and go skiing again.
 Emi and I hung out (since the tiny baby hill wasn't ready yet)
 But Peter skied and skied and skied!
 He was really interested (distracted) by everything going on around him- what are they doing, where does that trail go, can we go on the other chair lift?
But overall he had a blast! The last few times down the hill he didn't fall and needed a lot less help. Maybe next time he can go on the big chair...

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Barb said...

I love LOVE LOVE that first picture!!!! She is such a doll. Sam smiley face as her sweet mama.