Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Train

We spend a lot of time watching trains in Winona since the railroad crossings go straight through town. There have been many times that we have been out for a walk or a run and we have to sprint to get to the crossing- not so we can get over the tracks- but so we can see the train.

 So it is no surprise the the holiday train is a really big deal! I had it marked on numerous calendars, had a few people set to remind me... and some special visitors planned.
 Yup, Grandpa Dan and Gaga Vivi made the trip up to see the train with the kids. When I asked Peter which he was more excited for- he couldn't make up his mind. The train- no grappa- no BOTH.

 We got there just as the train was arriving this year and were able to walk around it for a while- Pete even talked to the guy that was standing on the train and asked him if he knew Sir Topham Hat.
We will be back next year!

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