Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas!! Around our house- we got Halloween put away, clings on the windows, stockings knitted _ i decided that we needed them and three days later- the littles had stockings- and the tree set up!

First we had to send the kids up into the attic to get the supplies down.
 Up in the attic. Pete really wanted to "go up and look for bats." Emi must have seen a bat.
 Set up the nativity. Emi just wanted to play with teh cows, Pete wanted to know if there could be trains there...
 Put the tree up- Emi helped with lights, ornatments, breaking things, pretty much all of it!
 Pete could NOT wait to put things on the tree. He started while I was still finishing up iwth the lights.
 We got out our race medals from this year to add to the tree- there are a good number of them this year! I had Emelia try them on. I think they weight as much as she did!

And the Christmas stockings that I kint. Green is Petes and Emi gets the fancy red one. Right now they are being used as gunny sacks for toys by the kids. Soon I will have a place to put them up high where they can't be reached until the big event!

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vivida said...

Emi and Peter look like busy lil kids, for sure. Love the pic of Emi in the attic.