Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy "OWL"een!

We were the owl family this week. Well we already were I suppose ordering mice at Culvers and hooting our way through the church but it went the next step.
With my dad's help I made them each a set of owl wings- Pete got green and Emi pinks and purples.

And as always the Halloween week in Winona was crazy! Parties, trick or treats at SMU and the library and then the real deal. Here are a few pictures to enjoy from our fun and games! (It is also a good time to mention that we are getting ready for baby #3 to be arriving  in March! Poor kid... it will be mentioned more in the future!)

Proof of Baby #3!

Tricks and treats at SMU with friends

Owls live in trees.

Back in the pumpkin... again... #1, #3 (I must be missing year 2...)

Not as happy about this.

Seeing a real owl while trick or treating.

Library story time.

Off to the library!

At the end of the night. 


Barb said...

Cutest owl family I ever saw.

vivida said...

Emi looks less excited about the pumpkin this year. Cute lil owls.

Ani said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see your kids dressed as owls. Love it!