Monday, November 28, 2011

The Halloween that NEVER ended

I am not going to even tell you how many times we celebrated Halloween, but let's just say that Kimberly's costumes got PLENTY of use this year!! I have been putting off doing this post  and you'll see why... there is a LOT to share! Peter was a HAMburargr (as he would say) and everyone LOVED his costume- everywhere we went he was the center of attention.

 The first place we went was SMU for their trick-or-treats in the dorms. The first dorm we went through was Benilde which is the all boys all freshman dorm... they went all out- lights out, scary costumes, lights, and music. Pete wasn't fazed in the least- he went right up to every person and got his treats and said thank you!
 We met up with his buddies while we were there so the three boys got to trick or treat together.
 The next place we went was to the library. They do an arts and crafts project, a story time and then a trip through the haunted bookshelves. The library has a translucent floor that lets some light shine up with the lights above turned off. It was really spooky and fun up there.

 On our way home we stopped at the house on Main St that goes all out! Pete of course liked the train.
 Next, we had a Halloween Party at our house. 

 All of the kids lined up on the couch. There is a witch hiding behind the chicken on the right.
 We carved pumpkins with grandpa and grandma.
 Stuck the kids inside.
 And took a few pictures!
 Then we went trick or treating around our neighborhood! Pete did a great job of ringing doorbells, asking for his treats and telling everyone what he was. We also then went to Oscar's house for their Birthoween (Chris's birthday) party afterwards.
What a FUN week! Hope you also had a spooky week!

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vivida said...

The whole crew of kids look like they had fun. The lil witch(Julia)is riding away on her steed; I would be afraid in that library; Pete looks a little big for that pumpkin; Emi does not; You should try to have a little more fun with those kids. :) ;)