Monday, November 14, 2011

Playtime at our House

 Playtime is busier and busier every day at our house. Peter is still spending lots of time with trains, playing in his playhouse and reading books. Emelia is now right in the middle of it all! She loves to play in the playhouse and play peek-a-boo and really loves to wheeliebug around the house. She has learned the small loop and the big loop through the kitchen/dining room. Her other favorite thing is to climb the stairs and this is our go to for the crabby afternoons.

 I also have been trying to get the kids out for a hike before naps at least once  a week before it starts to snow. Emelia has been making it about halfway through before she konks out.
Peter always has more than enough energy to make the distance!

 They also LOVE  bath time alone or together. I usually stick Emi in first and let her play on her own and then Pete jumps in for the last 10 minutes. While I dry her off he gets to play and jump in the tub. He loves telling me that he is a dolphin in the tub. And of course wearing his "ga-goos"
I'm not sure what is going on here... but it looks like Peter is going to bite Emelia's butt!

 We also have gotten into fort building and everyone has lots of fun in the tents that Garrick makes for the kids.


Katie said...

I love the goggles in the tub! So cute!

vivida said...

Emi is so sweet. Peter is so funny. Love the pictures.