Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the pumpkin patch

We had a little streak of warm warm weather this week- nearly 70*! So we headed back up to the pumpkin patch to see what we could see with Shana and her girls! There are a lot of pictures- everyone was in a good mood and it was overcast so the colors are really nice! :) (enjoy grandma vivi!)

Found the cat of course!

He found the only green pumpkin in the whole field!

Such nice smiles today!

Where did my baby go??

Leading the way.

And another smile!

He told me as soon as he got up that he was excited to go and drive the green tractor


vivida said...

what a great way to wake up this AM! Love the orange sweter, Mammma. What cute babies.

Barb said...

Very cute. Love that orange sweater. And I love all those smiles. Such adorable kids.